Friday letters

©Svenja Schoening. London. 
Today I came across the post Friday Letters over at Bevchens Blog and I loved the idea of writing a small letter to someone unknown, particular or pff, even to the universe for example. So here are my very own little Friday letters:

Dear grandfather: I am really very sorry that you did not feel so well recently. Get better soon!

Dear Karstadt in Flensburg: Thank you, mercy, tak, bedankt, danke, gracias and grazie for taking benefit into your assortment. It is really the best choice for beauty products -ever. (OK, I am also a LancÔme addict)

Dear pink quilted leather jacket: Please, stay where you are until mommy picks you up and takes you home! Thank you!

Dear Josie: You are really the best and most loyal dog ever! You are so sweet when you come and lay next to me when I am doing my sit ups. You are hardly naughty you can do the best tricks. You are so lovable. Thank you for being my dog!

Dear middle East: Could you please stop the fighting? It is such a low level of solving a disagreement. 

Dear London: I have only been living at yours very shortly, but I do fancy a reunion soon. Could we not just arrange a date? I miss you!

Dear wallet: Please don't be angry with me because I bought another gorgeous hat. I am sure I will feed you soon again, promised.

Dear Michaela: I am holding my fingers crossed for you regarding your exam period coming up! I am sure you will make it!! How was the run? I am certain you did a fab job!!

Dear Caribbean sun: I have heard so much about you, shall we not meet up one day? We will go on perfectly!! 

Dear new bog friends: Thank you so much for visiting me! You made my day!

Dear Mum: You have baked so many delicious Christmas Cookies which are now a serious threat to my diet. So PLEASE lock them up somewhere safe. I otherwise have the feeling that they all might disappear over night.. Thank you!

Have a lovely weekend, everyone!




  1. Great idea! I like your post! Have a nice weekend too! :))

  2. Hallo Svenja! Ich wohne nur zwei Stunden von London entfernt, daher bleiben wir nur das Wochenende ... ich werde öfter die Gelegenheit haben, mich dort umzuschauen. Seit meinem Umzug ist es aber das erste Mal London (außer Flughäfen natürlich) ... ich schau mich jetzt mal bei dir um hier! Liebe Grüße!

  3. Oh cookies, they're a temptation for me too. ;)

    <3 Thanks so much for stopping by my Friday's Letters. I'm a new follower for you too. :)

  4. Süße Idee, meine Liebe! Schönes WE! Anja

  5. great letters honey, i wish your grandfather was good :P


    1. Thank you, love.
      Unfortunately he had a light stroke, but he is now taken care of by good doctors.

  6. Love your Friday's Letters. Also I just wanted to let you know that I replied to your question on my blog about the photo software I was using.

  7. Great letters! Hope your grandfather feels better soon.

    Aah, Christmas cookies! I am trying to avoid them until at least December, otherwise once I start eating them I won't be able to stop! I've already decided which recipes I want to try though...

  8. Thank you!
    I did my best for my Friday's letters premiere ;-)

    Yess, the cookies. Today I have only been eating one for right after lunch. I can turn into cookie monster as soon as there are some. I cannot have wheat but my mum makes sure that there are plenty of no-wheat cookies around, I think she made at least 5 different kinds... It requires A LOT of self discipline, hahaha.

  9. I wanna go to London! And very excited still to be new blog friends :)