Bucket List

Some days or weeks ago I saw a seriously awesome bucket list by one of my fellow bloggers and I thought, that I definitely need one too. Here's my first draft:

a life without chocolate (OK, honestly, I experienced a fall back here. Need to  be more strict.)
read Harry Potter
get a dog  I love my puppy Josie, she is adorable and already 5 months old
learn how to speak French
have my very own library
learn / at least try once to play polo
learn Dutch
always remove Mascara when going to bed I think I managed since I continuously had to re-buy eye make-up remover
take ballet classes
visit a 20th theme party
see the polar lights in North Norway
have red Hunter rain boots
go on a safari and see giraffes
learn how to dance ballroom dances
attend a ball
visit the Oktoberfest
eat in the Michelin Star vegetarian restaurant in Berlin 
visit New York
take a volunteer job 
loose 10 pounds
go camping
get married
pay off student loan
replace candy with fruit
replace coffee with tea
be politically active
come back to Passau
read all books of my classics club list
watch a horror movie
learn how to surf
live on a farm
understand cricket
learn how to program
watch the lord of the rings trilogy
explore Scotland 
have my own horse
write a book
be positive every day
eat vegetarian food
visit Paris
have children
have a normal life
travel the U.S. 
Learn how to speak Italian for Italian Opera
travel Canada
learn how to cook  (still need to go on a proper course, but I think I managed ok, so far)
do not always wait until the stack of laundry to be ironed reaches the ceiling
finish my Masters 
go on a sailing trip
visit the races in Ascot
do a rafting tour at Colorado river
have my own little country house with a garden
see Sleeping Beauty at Royal Ballet in London (Swan Lake was so amazing!!)
returning to London anyhow
and return to the "dodgy corner shop" at the Buckingham gate
learn how to play chess
find my dream job
learn about ornithology

PS: Those are the most awesome rain boots I have ever seen, and I want them. I hope I might be able to cross out this item very soon and not have wet feet for long anymore ;-) 


  1. Hi Svenja, great idea to have such a bucket list. Yours inspired me to make one for me, too. Thanks!

    1. Hi Julia -- yahooo :) I'd love to see yours!
      Have a lovely day!