Lost in Thoughts

Thoughts, or, moreover too many of them were one of the reasons why I actually and eventually started  a blog. I was one of those having a continuous chaos inside my head, with thoughts running around, just being there all the time, making it difficult for me to focus, to order them, and to put them aside.

By writing small pieces on my blog I managed to make and keep order of those thoughts, since they are now neatly put into published and unpublished post here at my small piece of the web. And I began to love it. I love the creativity in involves, the medium itself and the interaction which has arisen from it on a day to day basis. It really makes my day to read all your lovely comments in response to my posts - I read each and every one of them and - at least try- to reply!

Coming back on the thoughts, I have reached a state were I am almost all the time 'in charge' of my thoughts if that makes sense. When I usually got overwhelmed by them, and having the feeling they control me, make me feel good, bad, stressed out or other, it is now(mostly, ha ha) me who thinks to think certain thoughts. 

When I have this kind of 'blank' in my head it makes me relaxed and smile and I realize I may now think a thought which I actually want to think. And it works super well I create the thoughts which lead me to have positive feelings and emotions - which again leads to the fact that I am happier than ever, if that makes sense. I just love those 'blank moments' when I am just there - doing what I just do, without being distracted of anything. When I walk the dog for example, I walk the dog and not worry. If I then think, I should think something, I think things like 'I am walking Josie, and the temperature is below zero, which makes my finger tips freeze' or I walk the dog and see a beautiful place and just think how beautiful the place is. 

Whenever hassle and stress catches me I always try to return to this state of blank-ness to start all over, relax and think thoughts which result in happiness.

I know that this thinking thoughts thing sounds pretty weird. But does anyone else know the feeling of blank-ness, or creating the thoughts one actually wants and appreciates? Or do you know this chaos in your head? 

I am sorry for this word-load, but I just could not stop musing about this thoughts-thing. Will come up with another fashion-related post soon again, since I still owe you my tartan outfits, mh? 

Have a lovely evening!



  1. Never apologize on your blog, it's YOURS and you can do whatever you want :) Glad your blog is helping you keep your thoughts organized!

  2. I can totally relate in many things you are saying. I have myself used writing as a kind of therapy to get my thoughts out of my head. It also helps to organize your thoughts and to think what really matters. I have also got to this point when things don't bounce around in my head anymore but I can just have an empty mind..when before I was always thinking and worrying about things I can’t do anything about. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  3. Hi Svenja!!!

    NOT weird AT ALL!!!! Interesting - I think!! Might give it a try myself....:). What I do is a bit more like sticking ones head in the sand - if any unpleasant thoughts, or anything I don't want to deal with, pop into my mind, I can force myself to push them aside: Not NOW! Go away - I think about it later sort of thing. This seems to work for me but I had to teach myself and your way seems much more enjoyable.....

    Anyway - schreiben wir nun auf English oder Deutsch? :) Egal - GANZ lieben Dank fuer Deinen Kommentar - ich komme so selten nur noch zum Bloggen.....Ich plane posts in meinem Kopf und dann kommt schon vor den Fotos etwas dazwischen ....

    Wie geht es der suessen Josie? Mag sie den Schnee? (Deine Schnee-Herzen sind uebrigens GANZ toll!!!!)

    Well, I'd better be going - my neighbours have invited me for a fish & chips supper:)......

    Have a lovely weekend!!!!


    p.s. A friend sent me a lovely bit of thought - to do with dogs -I think I still have your e-mail...will send it over....

  4. It's surprising how having a blog can be rewarding in so many different ways and it's always a good idea to think positive thoughts!

  5. i think writing just helps to organize thoughts into something more tangible.

  6. Cool post and a lovely blog! What about following each other?

  7. Love this and completely feel the same way!!! My thoughts are one of the main reasons why I run...somehow the physicality combined with the alone/thought time lets me work everything out of my mind until it hits the blankness point. Though I like to think of it as everything properly compartmentalized. Brain clutter happens far too often in my life. :) I love to write to but by brain cleansing ends up happening in journals as some of the mess that's in my mind needs to be kept from the internet sphere!


  8. Such a lovely & interesting read, Svenja! I totally know what you mean about the blankness - I think writing can be very cathartic, and you feel cleansed after :)
    Beautifully written!

  9. This is EXACTLY why I started my blog... to get my thoughts out of my head, away from me so I could get some breathing space for a few minutes. The byline of my blog is even "Just a place to gather my thoughts" - because that's precisely what it is. My relationship has improved soooo much since I started blogging my thoughts instead of heaping them all on Jan :-)

  10. A friend and I were just talking about this the other day. He reads loads of spiritual and leadership books, and he told me how we spend - unwittingly - most of our days thinking repeated thoughts that are wasting our capacity. Learning to control your thoughts is a very powerful skill, turning confusing or negative vibes into positive thinking or neutralising them all together (this blankness you describe). He's gone into lengths explaining the ins and outs of this and I found it incredibly interesting so I've decided to let him guest-write about this topic soon!

  11. Lovely :-) am following you now, please follow me back:-)