welcome to my little webblog. I am happy you are here!

This is supposed to be a small collection of random stories, sudden thoughts and unspoken ideas and as I am interested in too many things not limited to certain topics. Nevertheless, the focus is on fashion, beauty and books or small things happening in my life.

Me. I am a 29 year old living in the Netherlands Germany (I am German, lived in the UK, Ireland and Bavaria and just returned home only waiting for the next challenge ;-)). I studied English, Sociology and international Management. 

I have a small fur friend named Josie. She is a gorgeous Maltese-Papillion Mix and seriously the jolliest person I know! 

I am still a newbie to the blog world which I have grown to love so much over the past couple of month.
I love the interaction with all those different and wonderful people out there.
Every single comment makes my day, honestly! I would always respond and go and have a look around on your blog and say hello! I am not such a fan of those "follow me, I follow you"-things. However, when you decide to join in to my little blog party here, I would always pop over to your place and take part in yours to see how the interaction between our blogs grows as I am naturally curious and always eager to make new friends. 

My passions are reading (Austen, Dostojewski, Zafon),fashion, nature, vegetarian food, horse riding. I like walking in the rain, the smell of rain, the sound of raindrops on umbrellas, roofs and windows, moonlight, dogs, white tea, in fact any kind of tea, returning of the birds in springs, libraries, books, paintings from August, Macke and Franz Marc, the Importance of being Earnest, pink. I like beautiful things. I dislike ugly things. And the imbalance of power and wealth in the world.

Thanks for passing by -your visit makes me very happy!