Easy peasy pumpkin soup (vegan)

Summer is fading and even though we might never grow tired of wearing flattery floral dresses, sandals and daisy dukes we are certainly already looking forward to a new pair of booties, a cape and wearing hats. While it is still warm during the day chances are that we throw ourselves in warm leggings, oversize sweaters and woolen socks when we get home in the evenings.

And what suits better to get in the right mood for autumn and cosy evenings on the couch than preparing a homemade meal which is packed with vitamins, minerals and fiber?

When I saw the dark orange little bugger in the vegetable section of our local supermarket I could not resist. Even though I am not kitchen goddess I decided to try making a pumpkin soup.

Pumpkin soup is not only a vegan suitable dish which is low in calories (100 g have ~ 26 kcal) but keeps us healthy with its anti oxidative beta carotin improves our immune system and helps to prevent infection. 

To also make this easy peasy pumpkin soup you will need:

1 Hokkaido pumpkin 
~ 3 medium sized carrots
~ 3 small potatoes
vegetable stock
1 onion
coconut milk
1 orange
pumpkin seed oil

- serves 4 -

Start cutting the pumpkin into bits, which approximately have the size of 3 cm. I bought a Hokkaido-pumpkin, and here the peel can be processed as well. Remove the seeds.  

The amount of pumkinny little bits depends on the size of your pumpkin. 
Now prepare a few carrots, also cut them into bits so that they easily can cook and soften.

Peel the potatoes and cut them into bits as you have already done with your pumpkin and your carrots.
Put them in a bowl together with your pumpkin and the potatoes.

Take your onion, remove the peel and cut it into little pieces.

Now take a big pan to make your soup. 

Take some oil and roast your onions.
I took peanut oil as I really like that flavor but you can of course also use olive oil, sun seed oil or other, just as you like. 

I used my asparagus pan to make the soup.

Add your vegetable bits.

Cover it well with vegetable stock, let it cook for a few minutes, then let it simmer away for about 30 to 40 minutes. Add salt, pepper and your coconut milk. How much you add depends on how much you like coconut; I do like it, but prefer the pumpkin to be the dominant flavor here, so I added about 200 ml. Also add your orange juice.
Taste and adjust with your spices, I also added a bit of chili to my soup. 

Stir from time to time.

When all the vegetables are soft and it turns into a soupy texture you are ready to serve.

Add a little bit of pumpkin seed oil on top of the soup. It looks great and gives a little extra flavor.
If you like add coriander.

You can serve the soup with some baguette.


Today I find myself at home. Things at work are crazy these days, and even though I love my job it hardly gives me time to breathe at the moment. 
Work-life balance? Gone out of the window it seems. I mean occasionally I go for a run. But it stresses me out before because my perfectionist mind pushes me to and makes me feel bad if I don't go.
I continued to read my favorite blogs, but never had the time to blog myself. Blogging always served me as some sort of personal journal, it made me feel good to accomplish an article, pick a photo or three to go with it and to jot down a few things which happened in my life. If other people engaged with my pages, read my posts and even wrote me a comment it made my day. Interaction via Social Media became a fun game. 

A few months ago I read an article about balancing one self. To be perfectly balanced and well being a few things should be tackled in life to achieve balance and it was 

- Physical activity -- getting ones bum up, jump into the running shoes and get it done. 

- intellectual challenges -- can be widely found at work, reading books, having challenging conversations

- social interaction -- meeting up with friends, family, be around loved ones. 

- play -- having fun in your life is important. Sometimes its good to be that little kid again, yes, on a swing. Go, do it. I swear, you cannot stop laughing. 

- mind works -- practicing meditation and to work with own goals, intuition and emotions is as equally important as any other point on the list

I found this rather interesting. During the last couple of months work took on a larger part of life, the social side almost disappeared and the physical activities were squeezed in until complete exhaustion. 
Ah, and when completely exhausted I could not maintain any of my plans of regular meditation and yoga.

Time for play? Nope. Seeing friends? Not really. Last weekend I had to last minute decline my friends invitation to a wonderful rooftop party. 
Taking a day off at work was not possible and to drive 600K back and forth within 24 hours was simply impossible. 

Not good. 

I really wanna go back into blogging, maybe I can keep it up to journal my way back into a balanced life with joy, fun, friends and a happy mind to balance out everything which is too much at work. 

However, last week we had a reunion with two of my best friends from uni. We met up in a town close by and went to see the spectacular VW- water show. It was gigantic: Elements of fire, light, laser, film, music and water fountains where composed to bewitch the people. The show is for free, this years theme is "rocking UK" and they serve Pimms and G&Ts. So we had a good night out for sure.

The next day we went to see the Oskar Kokoschka art exhibition at the Wolfsburg modern art center. It was utterly interesting, his paintings had a very unique style, the background stories were as well super interesting. 


What do you do to maintain work - life balance? Any recommendations? 




this one is in German (sorry folks from abroad). These questions are inspired by the new vogue issue (June) and Marisa Berenson.

Wuerden Sie sich als Freigeist bezeichnen?

Besitzen Sie ein Gespür für richtige Zeit, richtiger Ort?
ich denke schon. Meine Ungeduld kreuzt dieses jedoch von Zeit zu Zeit.

Kommt das Beste tatsächlich zum Schluss?
Mh. Manchmal vielleicht.

Das Erste, was Sie morgens vor dem Aufwachen tun?
Den Wecker weiter stellen.

Die schoensten Worte die Ihnen jemand schrieb oder sagte?
Vielleicht klingt es banal, aber es war "du bist gut so wie du bist."

Glauben Sie an Äußere Schönheit oder auch an Innere?
Definitiv beides.

Was bedeutet Ihnen wirklich viel?
Den Moment zu geniessen, Zeit am Meer.

Haben Sie schon einmal Wange an Wange getanzt?
Nein. Aber es muss atemberaubend sein.

Kennen Sie den Unterschied zwischen Allein sein und Einsam sein.

Glauben Sie daran, dass man Träume leben kann.
Definitiv. Umsetzung ist alles.

Trauen Sie sich was?
Eher selten.





Thank you.
My friends.
From the bottom of my heart 
thank you.

There are these people in my life who make it just perfect.
It really is so. 

Friends are always there. 
In good times. In bad times. When you need them.
And I came to realize that I truly have the most wonderful people I call my friends.

I mean there is Facebook with a lot of acquaintances, I rarely talk to - not online, not in real life.
That is nice. And I like them.
But then there are those people who I can always count on, who surprise me, who overwhelm me with their big hearts, their belief in me their support, their patience, with wise advice and with their love. 

While I am typing this, I feel that words are by far not enough to express my gratefulness towards all of them.

Some live very close. Some live far away. Some even chose to live in other countries. 
But still. you are there.
Catching up personally. Skype dates. Phone calls.
Letters and postcards.

It all counts.
And I feel that all those friendships grow and I won't want to miss one of these special persons in my life.

It also does not matter for how long we know each other.
Some of you I almost know my whole life. Some I met during my teenage days. Some I only know for a very short time.

It is not about the past, it is about the future.

I think there needs to be a national - well international friends day or something.

Can we please install one?

Thank you.

Just. Thank you. For being my friend.



1 year

I have just had one of the biggest wow- moments of my life, really. It is one year (and a week in fact) that I have joined the company I work for. It feels that time has been flying by so fast. 
At the same time I cannot believe how much has happened within these past 12 months. 
I got to work for the most excellent bosses I could think of, getting to work together with lots of lovely co-workers, days filled with interesting, sometimes challenging tasks that the whole commuting thing is fainting in its meaning. 
This year has been joy, happiness, brilliant talks, vino, music, work, and constant change.

I like.


A bit over a year ago I moved to a place called Bielefeld, a somewhat smallish place in Westphalia. 
I have never lived in that region nor did I know anyone there, I started to love that place though.
Maybe it also has to do with feeling contend with the presence.

I was contend. 
In my small flat. With few people I know, who welcomed me warmly into their life.
Kindly introduced me to other people, some of them I now consider  my closest friends.

I spend the summer being here and there; when I recall last summer, it was all about good days and nights out.


When time passed, things changed, and I relocated to the town I live in now.
A place I felt the most positive connection to from day 1.

I believe it is safe to say that I have lived in numerous places and therefore I can say it is 

After a few months back in a flat share with 3 students (which was a funny experience) I found my own place and love it.

And I am contend. 


I am happy for each and every single person I have met throughout the last 12 months. 
Either they became friends, (some even very close), taught me lessons, inspired me, 
or even all of it together 
(which is the best).

With all of my heart:
Thank you.


While I am writing this I am in such an awe of the situation that I cannot help myself but sharing this wonderful moment in my very own little space on the web.




life, lately.


Long time no see. Nor read. I know.

Am finally back to the connected world and can proudly say that I have managed to connect wifi in my flat. 

I have missed you. Truly. Honestly. Utter honestly.

The thing is, I haven't really blogged in ages and I have difficulties in figuring out, where to start.

Life has been busy, I pretty much recovered from my surgery, and although I might not be able to do climbing any time soon, I am happy that I hardly have any problems with my operated hand anymore. 

This is what I have been doing throughout the last weeks:

Current reads | latest reads: Lovability. Das Erwachen der Senorita Prim. Loved both.

Last movies: Wolf of Wall street. Grand Budapest hotel. Both brilliant.

Last travel: Neumuenster. To prepare my best friends' wedding. splendid. We created a soundtrack, it is called "almost married". Of course. It contains: Indila, derniere danse. Endless summer. Next to me. Remember to forget you. And many more. We have picked a dress.


Last shopping haul: Been out for some serious retail therapy. Scored high: Lovely pants, nnnnice bathing suit, shoes, lovely T and a cute dress.

Most looking forward to: My sweet friends will call for a visit real soon. Wedding talk, party on, home spa, champagne cocktails.

favourite food lately: skinny yoghurt with berries and psssst. Amarettini. It is so goooooood. Dolce.

Back to: Yoga (Favourite: Roof top yoga session at sunrise), ballet classes, internet and skype dates with ma gal in LONDON!!

Last temptation: White wine. I can resist anything but temptation. Particularly Sauvignon Blanc. Cheers.

Longing for: Sun, summer, hammocks, sundowners, holidays, LONDON, my family. 

dislike: Knee is making me trouble, had to cut down my workout units, had a big pasta day today, huuuuge carb intake, spent far too much money on fashion and shoes.

It is weekend and the sun came out to play!! Think it is high time for the very first picnic of the season, wohooo!!

Whats your plans for this sunny Sunday?



Back to blogworld

Long long time ago I have created my last post. Real world has caught up upon me so that my web time has been reduced significantly paired with some wifi connectivity problems at home.

Now that I am at my parents place and on recovery I have got the time (and the technical enablers, ha!) to blog a bit.

Since it feels ages ago that I blogged I have a lot of things to catch up upon, such as:


My trip to Geneva

Fashion &

Current read I will spare for next time.


After Christmas and well into the new year I was able to settle well into 2014, making plans, NY-resolutions and realizing that I have come to live in a place I truly like and feel at home at. More than once I found myself sincerely attached to my now-hometown, which also filled me with happiness and love. And gratitude. For everything falls in its place - somehow. 

A company event was brilliant. It was an all-nighter set in the beautiful scenery of Braunlage / Germany: look at the view the next morning:

Next to filing 2013 ad acta, the beginning of 2014 holds great things ready for me: A weekend trip to Geneva to visit my friend over there was definitely one of them.

I boarded my plane at Berlin airport and made myself comfortable before takeoff with a small bottle of bubbly:

"If you have to travel alone - travel in style". That was probably the cleverest thing Chief editor Daniel Cleaver said to Bridget Jones throughout the whole flic.

While Saturday the weather presented us a rather grey outlook of the city we girls took the chance for some serious research of the latest fashion in the many cute boutiques.
They have those plateau flats everywhere - dislike. They have pastels and cute floral dresses - LIKE!!

We of course had to stop at Laduree to shop a few macaroons.

I bought the a few macaroons each in a package of three in order to take them home as treats for friends and family.
Hmm, the thing was, I had to look whether they were still good, you know, because you cannot bring anything to your friend which either has gone bad or looking dodgy, right?!

Sorry my friends. Anne and I ate them all.
Maybe next time. :-) 
I must say that this stuff is like cocaine (presumably - I never tried) it makes you an addict from the very first bite you have! So so good.

The best ones are probably the macaroons with salted caramel, the lemon ones, marshmallow framboze, pistachio ... oh they are all so good. 

When we finished Macaroons - shopping (imagine -- a confiserie with suited men and women in white gloves serving you - WOW!!) and hauling through the choclat - department of globes (with some serious tasting of course)we made our way to wasabi and had sushi.

It looks like we have fought the sushi wars. I am for a Braunschweig-branch, please.
At first side it might give the impression of a rather cheapish take away but the quality was so good. 

The next day was all about sightseeing.
And the sun came out to play!!

We started out at lake Geneve. Of course.

The famous fountain. Jet d'eau.

We walked along the lake and the beach, saw the marinas waiting for spring (Just as I do) to get out in the water.

Particularly beautiful was the view over the lake and the fountain from such an angle that there was a lovely rainbow to be seen from the bridge.

Craving for coffees and ice cream we popped into Movenpick for a small calorie intake:

Along we went and whoop whoop -- what did I see -- the temple of love, well maybe not. But close.

A few more impressions of Geneve...

When I returned home I have been able to fill up my stock for adventure abroad a bit. Geneva is such a great place for a cute weekend getaway. People speak English in most places but will greet you always with a very energetic Booonjour Madame first. Yes, three 'o' - minimum. With fine architecture, a glorious old town to wander around, lovely shops, and some sort of laid back feeling at least on weekends, I absolutely recommend a visit for a small getaway. The Swiss alps and the lake make a brilliant panorama to enjoy when walking along with your beloved. Geneve is such an aesthetic place, although it is not cheap ( count in EUR 25 at least for a main) I would always recommend to go. It gave me a small flavour of PAris which I am planning to visit some time this year too. 

OK. Will hold my hand still for a moment now. Even when the typing went in slow-mo I feel that I am not fully back into force yet; I am a terribly impatient patient.