Thank you.
My friends.
From the bottom of my heart 
thank you.

There are these people in my life who make it just perfect.
It really is so. 

Friends are always there. 
In good times. In bad times. When you need them.
And I came to realize that I truly have the most wonderful people I call my friends.

I mean there is Facebook with a lot of acquaintances, I rarely talk to - not online, not in real life.
That is nice. And I like them.
But then there are those people who I can always count on, who surprise me, who overwhelm me with their big hearts, their belief in me their support, their patience, with wise advice and with their love. 

While I am typing this, I feel that words are by far not enough to express my gratefulness towards all of them.

Some live very close. Some live far away. Some even chose to live in other countries. 
But still. you are there.
Catching up personally. Skype dates. Phone calls.
Letters and postcards.

It all counts.
And I feel that all those friendships grow and I won't want to miss one of these special persons in my life.

It also does not matter for how long we know each other.
Some of you I almost know my whole life. Some I met during my teenage days. Some I only know for a very short time.

It is not about the past, it is about the future.

I think there needs to be a national - well international friends day or something.

Can we please install one?

Thank you.

Just. Thank you. For being my friend.


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