1 year

I have just had one of the biggest wow- moments of my life, really. It is one year (and a week in fact) that I have joined the company I work for. It feels that time has been flying by so fast. 
At the same time I cannot believe how much has happened within these past 12 months. 
I got to work for the most excellent bosses I could think of, getting to work together with lots of lovely co-workers, days filled with interesting, sometimes challenging tasks that the whole commuting thing is fainting in its meaning. 
This year has been joy, happiness, brilliant talks, vino, music, work, and constant change.

I like.


A bit over a year ago I moved to a place called Bielefeld, a somewhat smallish place in Westphalia. 
I have never lived in that region nor did I know anyone there, I started to love that place though.
Maybe it also has to do with feeling contend with the presence.

I was contend. 
In my small flat. With few people I know, who welcomed me warmly into their life.
Kindly introduced me to other people, some of them I now consider  my closest friends.

I spend the summer being here and there; when I recall last summer, it was all about good days and nights out.


When time passed, things changed, and I relocated to the town I live in now.
A place I felt the most positive connection to from day 1.

I believe it is safe to say that I have lived in numerous places and therefore I can say it is 

After a few months back in a flat share with 3 students (which was a funny experience) I found my own place and love it.

And I am contend. 


I am happy for each and every single person I have met throughout the last 12 months. 
Either they became friends, (some even very close), taught me lessons, inspired me, 
or even all of it together 
(which is the best).

With all of my heart:
Thank you.


While I am writing this I am in such an awe of the situation that I cannot help myself but sharing this wonderful moment in my very own little space on the web.



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  1. Time has gone by so quickly. It's amazing how a year can change lots of things in our lives. It's wonderful to have such great colleagues and bosses to work with. It makes the entire work week (even weekends) something to look forward to.