life, lately.


Long time no see. Nor read. I know.

Am finally back to the connected world and can proudly say that I have managed to connect wifi in my flat. 

I have missed you. Truly. Honestly. Utter honestly.

The thing is, I haven't really blogged in ages and I have difficulties in figuring out, where to start.

Life has been busy, I pretty much recovered from my surgery, and although I might not be able to do climbing any time soon, I am happy that I hardly have any problems with my operated hand anymore. 

This is what I have been doing throughout the last weeks:

Current reads | latest reads: Lovability. Das Erwachen der Senorita Prim. Loved both.

Last movies: Wolf of Wall street. Grand Budapest hotel. Both brilliant.

Last travel: Neumuenster. To prepare my best friends' wedding. splendid. We created a soundtrack, it is called "almost married". Of course. It contains: Indila, derniere danse. Endless summer. Next to me. Remember to forget you. And many more. We have picked a dress.


Last shopping haul: Been out for some serious retail therapy. Scored high: Lovely pants, nnnnice bathing suit, shoes, lovely T and a cute dress.

Most looking forward to: My sweet friends will call for a visit real soon. Wedding talk, party on, home spa, champagne cocktails.

favourite food lately: skinny yoghurt with berries and psssst. Amarettini. It is so goooooood. Dolce.

Back to: Yoga (Favourite: Roof top yoga session at sunrise), ballet classes, internet and skype dates with ma gal in LONDON!!

Last temptation: White wine. I can resist anything but temptation. Particularly Sauvignon Blanc. Cheers.

Longing for: Sun, summer, hammocks, sundowners, holidays, LONDON, my family. 

dislike: Knee is making me trouble, had to cut down my workout units, had a big pasta day today, huuuuge carb intake, spent far too much money on fashion and shoes.

It is weekend and the sun came out to play!! Think it is high time for the very first picnic of the season, wohooo!!

Whats your plans for this sunny Sunday?



  1. Champagne cocktails and sauvignon blanc - favourites of mine too! I'm just back from a holiday in the sun and already longing for summer too!

  2. Home spa, retail therapy, and cocktails- exciting! Amarettini sounds interesting. Wish I could find those here. Sunday's back to work but will try to squeeze in some retail therapy if I can. Have a nice weekend!