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Long long time ago I have created my last post. Real world has caught up upon me so that my web time has been reduced significantly paired with some wifi connectivity problems at home.

Now that I am at my parents place and on recovery I have got the time (and the technical enablers, ha!) to blog a bit.

Since it feels ages ago that I blogged I have a lot of things to catch up upon, such as:


My trip to Geneva

Fashion &

Current read I will spare for next time.


After Christmas and well into the new year I was able to settle well into 2014, making plans, NY-resolutions and realizing that I have come to live in a place I truly like and feel at home at. More than once I found myself sincerely attached to my now-hometown, which also filled me with happiness and love. And gratitude. For everything falls in its place - somehow. 

A company event was brilliant. It was an all-nighter set in the beautiful scenery of Braunlage / Germany: look at the view the next morning:

Next to filing 2013 ad acta, the beginning of 2014 holds great things ready for me: A weekend trip to Geneva to visit my friend over there was definitely one of them.

I boarded my plane at Berlin airport and made myself comfortable before takeoff with a small bottle of bubbly:

"If you have to travel alone - travel in style". That was probably the cleverest thing Chief editor Daniel Cleaver said to Bridget Jones throughout the whole flic.

While Saturday the weather presented us a rather grey outlook of the city we girls took the chance for some serious research of the latest fashion in the many cute boutiques.
They have those plateau flats everywhere - dislike. They have pastels and cute floral dresses - LIKE!!

We of course had to stop at Laduree to shop a few macaroons.

I bought the a few macaroons each in a package of three in order to take them home as treats for friends and family.
Hmm, the thing was, I had to look whether they were still good, you know, because you cannot bring anything to your friend which either has gone bad or looking dodgy, right?!

Sorry my friends. Anne and I ate them all.
Maybe next time. :-) 
I must say that this stuff is like cocaine (presumably - I never tried) it makes you an addict from the very first bite you have! So so good.

The best ones are probably the macaroons with salted caramel, the lemon ones, marshmallow framboze, pistachio ... oh they are all so good. 

When we finished Macaroons - shopping (imagine -- a confiserie with suited men and women in white gloves serving you - WOW!!) and hauling through the choclat - department of globes (with some serious tasting of course)we made our way to wasabi and had sushi.

It looks like we have fought the sushi wars. I am for a Braunschweig-branch, please.
At first side it might give the impression of a rather cheapish take away but the quality was so good. 

The next day was all about sightseeing.
And the sun came out to play!!

We started out at lake Geneve. Of course.

The famous fountain. Jet d'eau.

We walked along the lake and the beach, saw the marinas waiting for spring (Just as I do) to get out in the water.

Particularly beautiful was the view over the lake and the fountain from such an angle that there was a lovely rainbow to be seen from the bridge.

Craving for coffees and ice cream we popped into Movenpick for a small calorie intake:

Along we went and whoop whoop -- what did I see -- the temple of love, well maybe not. But close.

A few more impressions of Geneve...

When I returned home I have been able to fill up my stock for adventure abroad a bit. Geneva is such a great place for a cute weekend getaway. People speak English in most places but will greet you always with a very energetic Booonjour Madame first. Yes, three 'o' - minimum. With fine architecture, a glorious old town to wander around, lovely shops, and some sort of laid back feeling at least on weekends, I absolutely recommend a visit for a small getaway. The Swiss alps and the lake make a brilliant panorama to enjoy when walking along with your beloved. Geneve is such an aesthetic place, although it is not cheap ( count in EUR 25 at least for a main) I would always recommend to go. It gave me a small flavour of PAris which I am planning to visit some time this year too. 

OK. Will hold my hand still for a moment now. Even when the typing went in slow-mo I feel that I am not fully back into force yet; I am a terribly impatient patient.




  1. Welcome back to Blogland! Your lovely photos brought back memories of an amazing long weekend we enjoyed in Geneva a few years ago in January. Wonderful place! I'm addicted to macarons especially from Ladurée and pistachio is probably my favourite flavour too.

    1. thanks for stopping by, miss b!

  2. Wow, what fantastic weather you had in Geneva - such a treat!!

  3. It's so refreshing to see your post. Ha, I completely understand why that Laduree box didn't make it. :)

    1. Hi Arni,
      thank you!! Yep, the Laduree Box.... Sad story ;-)
      How are you?

  4. Wow, gorgeous photos! looks like you had amazing weather. I really want to go to Geneva.

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by, Bevchen! I really can only recommend Geneva for a trip!