Review and Preview

2013. A turbulent year, with a lot of ups, a few downs, lots of new people coming into my life, lots of new memories and even more plans for the upcoming year.
I have learned much, and know a lot I still have to take care of, areas where I have the potential to grow further, to improve myself, to stabilize and to learn. 
A big part of 2013 was taken by the integration into a new job, a new company, with new work colleagues and the move to new places. 

I have moved twice this year. And as much it was to leave new things behind, I have learned that it is not always worse what comes ahead. Sure, tears had to dry, good byes had to be said and the past will always be a part of me, but anyhow, there is nothing but embracing the change and the moving forward. Because that's the way we are all going, aren't we? 

Christmas is ahead of us, and everybody is beginning to become festive, thinking about what to wear on Christmas (us girls), looking forward to good food (si, guys?) and pressies and quality time with the family (all, I guess).

This year Christmas will be a little different. Since my granddad passed away October 12, Christmas day will be totally different from what it used to be.
I am afraid that we will all feel it that particular day, since we used to spend the time at their place and it will be like that no more. Never. 

When the year approaches the end it is always also the time to think about new years resolutions. 

Here's what I have been thinking about:

I will be doing more weekend getaways. I will start with Geneve in February, and will do London in March. On my List for 2014 is defo Paris (ok, my list on what to do in Paris is loooong) and I might take my best friend, my sister from another mister (who is engaged to get married in July) to one of the following: Dublin (I know it but not too well so it will be difficult to figure out all the real good places like clubs, spas and bars), Belfast (personal favorite, but perhaps not quite the place to do a stylish hens night, love Belfast though), or pcik a place where none of us has ever been, such as Oslo, Stockholm or Helsinki maybe.
Get back into yoga. 'nuff said.

Continue to be satisfied with what I do and with what I have.Do the abstinence thing again. Last year I have been fasting for 7 weeks from carnival until Easter, and it was wonderful. Ok, after the first two detox weeks it was wonderful. No sugar. NONE. 

Go and see a live concert. Artist not chosen yet. 

Always follow intuition. It is always right.

Speak up for my desires (tough one).

More consideration. Less talking.

Positive thoughts create positive results. Stopping the occasional negativity. Avoiding nay-sayers.


I know it is terribly early to make new years resolutions. But the 12 nights between Christmas and January 6th are "holy" if you will. It is said that within these nights it is important to make wishes, and to decide where it should go in the new year. Each night counts for one month of the year, therefore the night of December 24 will stand for January and so forth. 

No matter whether it is true or not, I do like the idea. That is why I am figuring things out, writing it down, pen to paper, here and in my mind to be the creator of my own life so to say. 


To wrap it up, I can say 2013 has been a great year!I have met wonderful people and I am beyond grateful.
Thank you!

*** Happy weekend!!

Svenja x


  1. Lots of inspiring things to do on your list for next year. Sorry to hear about your Grand Dad. The festive season seem to bring out family more. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and happy winter holidays!

  2. I never keep my new year's resolutions, so this year I am determined to make reasonable ones. I like the go to a concert goal, I haven't actually been to a live big concert in Germany yet!