Merlot Appreciation Weekend

My weekend has been a quiet one after a week of ups and downs.

Before the temperatures were supposed to rise again and free us from all the white beauty we thought we'd better take one more proper walk in it before it all turns ugly, muddy and slippery.

And that's what we did.

We all dressed warm, jumped in the car and rode to the very Northern end of the Fed. Rep. of Germany and parked the car.

Found a small path along the coast and passed the border to Denmark.

This is the old border cabin on the German side.

A couple of years ago it was still in use, but left alone now since the Schengen treaty was brought into action and Europe had no border controls anymore. 

Some small boats left behind after the summer...

The view over to the German side with the Schleswig-Holstein flag standing bravely in the wind (which was f-f-f-r-eeeeezing cold)

The Flensborg fjord was almost completely frozen...

The female duck can chose a husband :)

The sun shimmering beautifully on the icy surface..

Josie rolling around in the snow -- her favorite occupation at the moment...

Me and my lovely mum. 

Crossing the border..with the Danish border cabin in the background....

Josie on serious dog sniffing business...

Almost hidden in the celtic mist the city of Flensburg...

Me and my mum... Both wrapped in countless layers of clothes (feeling like Michelin man)

A winterly walk in Denmark. Which seems like the coldest country I know. 
(This may even not be too absurd since Greenland is part of Denmark, ha)
 Our walk which had begun quite enthusiastic lasted not too long.
 We were all very cold -- even with warm Eskimo boots, hats and scarves..

That's why we went home quickly.

To keep warm. 
And play scrabble.
I love scrabble. I used to be a wordfeud addict.
I would wake up at nights to respond to the moves the Americans made. Time zone difference killed my healthy sleep.
No good. 
That's why I quit.
And got back to the 'normal people scrabble' :-) 

Do you like playing scrabble?

After thad we had dinner, well - some of us.
I chose Merlot instead.
Since it was Merlot appreciation day, 
you know?

I have spend the evening together with my laptop musing around different blogs, reading news, watching youtube videos friends had sent me and had a night-skype with my beautiful friend Kyra, who is gorgeous -  a genius shrink, London based and the coolest person I know. 
We skyped for 6 hours.

And appreciated a glass of wine. Or six.

How was your weekend? 



  1. nice pics and great blog, I'm ur new follower. Don;t forget to visit my blog too!

  2. Oh wow! I haven't been to Denmark yet but I will definitely go there some day in the future!

    xox - Ina

  3. Love how you can just "cross" the border into another foreign beautiful land! I haven't been to the Danish/German border. But I have been to Copenhagen and it's beautiful. I'll be hopefully going back to Europe really soon, and I absolutely cannot wait!! xo

  4. I loved that aspect of being in Germany, we just drove to Austria! Crazy! The walk looks absolutely amazing, although cold!

  5. Great pictures! The combination of scrabbles and cold winter weekends is perfect... maybe even with a hot chocolate! ;)

    Kisses from Vienna,

    1. Thank you, Simone!
      Hot chocolate sounds AWESOME!!

  6. love your pics and your dog :D
    maybe we could follow each other via gfc/fb/bloglovin?! It would be a pleasure for me :)

    1. Thank you!
      Yes, Josie is a cutie.
      Of course we can!

  7. We would be GOOD wine drinking buddies.

  8. ahhh love wine. When are you moving back to london please thank you! :)