Today I find myself at home. Things at work are crazy these days, and even though I love my job it hardly gives me time to breathe at the moment. 
Work-life balance? Gone out of the window it seems. I mean occasionally I go for a run. But it stresses me out before because my perfectionist mind pushes me to and makes me feel bad if I don't go.
I continued to read my favorite blogs, but never had the time to blog myself. Blogging always served me as some sort of personal journal, it made me feel good to accomplish an article, pick a photo or three to go with it and to jot down a few things which happened in my life. If other people engaged with my pages, read my posts and even wrote me a comment it made my day. Interaction via Social Media became a fun game. 

A few months ago I read an article about balancing one self. To be perfectly balanced and well being a few things should be tackled in life to achieve balance and it was 

- Physical activity -- getting ones bum up, jump into the running shoes and get it done. 

- intellectual challenges -- can be widely found at work, reading books, having challenging conversations

- social interaction -- meeting up with friends, family, be around loved ones. 

- play -- having fun in your life is important. Sometimes its good to be that little kid again, yes, on a swing. Go, do it. I swear, you cannot stop laughing. 

- mind works -- practicing meditation and to work with own goals, intuition and emotions is as equally important as any other point on the list

I found this rather interesting. During the last couple of months work took on a larger part of life, the social side almost disappeared and the physical activities were squeezed in until complete exhaustion. 
Ah, and when completely exhausted I could not maintain any of my plans of regular meditation and yoga.

Time for play? Nope. Seeing friends? Not really. Last weekend I had to last minute decline my friends invitation to a wonderful rooftop party. 
Taking a day off at work was not possible and to drive 600K back and forth within 24 hours was simply impossible. 

Not good. 

I really wanna go back into blogging, maybe I can keep it up to journal my way back into a balanced life with joy, fun, friends and a happy mind to balance out everything which is too much at work. 

However, last week we had a reunion with two of my best friends from uni. We met up in a town close by and went to see the spectacular VW- water show. It was gigantic: Elements of fire, light, laser, film, music and water fountains where composed to bewitch the people. The show is for free, this years theme is "rocking UK" and they serve Pimms and G&Ts. So we had a good night out for sure.

The next day we went to see the Oskar Kokoschka art exhibition at the Wolfsburg modern art center. It was utterly interesting, his paintings had a very unique style, the background stories were as well super interesting. 


What do you do to maintain work - life balance? Any recommendations? 


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  1. Hey Svenja! I know what it feels like to stop your active life almost completely and then feel bad about not exercising, etc.... I say to myself, I'll do it later (I've had an injury for a while now...) but I would say, stop worrying and thinking about what you're not doing and just think in 'the now'. If you want to write a blog post today, just do it. If you want to go for a walk or plan a spontaneous adventure, just do it. Don't feel like you have to have all these perfect plans laid out, because, in this busy life, sometimes things don't go to plan x