Happy Rain

This year's season seems weird. Instead of a real winter-winter with masses of snow and temperatures far beyond zero degrees ready to freeze our noses as soon as we stick it out of the door, we rather experience an unexciting 9-degrees pseudo-winter - with a lot of rain. I like rain. Rain is a weather which provides a melancholic veil and gives me sometimes the permission to spend the whole day in bed and dive into my favourite book, hang on the phone or sitting on the sofa with a cup of hot tea in my hand and watch the raindrops making small roads on the window. I also love the sound of rain when it is blown against the window or even nicer - the sound of raindrops pouring on the umbrella or stepping into a puddle with my wellies. The rhythm of rain..Or the smell of rain - this clean, sweet smell...
And there is one particular sort of rain I absolutely love, which is the gentle rain. It is an undisturbing and happy sort of rain, which is rain enough to refresh my face but not hard enough to destroy hair or make-up. What I love the most is to go running in the gentle rain. And today I was lucky that I could do my workout with my favourite running-weather. Running always de-stresses my mind and I completely enjoy every step I make (if I am not exactly in a "actually, I am very tired and am gonna stop soon"- phase) especially with paying attention to the nature around me.
What captured my attention on my rain-trip around the lake today was this winter's temperatures and the immortality of nature which comes with it. Therefore I was seing a lot of crocus flowers and roses in all the gardens I have been passing on the way to the lake. And the meadows I saw- fat meadows, with luminous green, which I would not expect before April - usually. It made the grey winter-scenery look prescious - just as a painter would have made it. A mixture of melancholic winter grey - seemingly dominating the view, as the sky was light greyish and the lake a dark shade of green-grey. But the small meadows in between were putting it marvellously aside. Like an oasis in a desert it was bursting from vitality.
Just when I looked at the bold trees they did not really fit in. I wondered if they might have fallen down out of routine?

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