The fall of Facebook?

When I joined today's most famous social network, it was still a network based on student's interests to connect. I had to register my university network and confirm registration with my uni-passau student email address. Everything was pretty new, and nobody sent me unwanted apps or my-calender requests (as I have friends from many parts of the world I receive them in all kind of languages. Still - unwanted.)
The idea was brilliant. You met new friends on last nights Erasmus-Party? Check out Facebook and re-connect. Wanna keep in touch with friends from your gap year or year abroad? No problem, Facebook enabled sharing big parts of your activities and made sure your contacts are kept. Fantastic. What I also really like is event- and link sharing. Someone recommends an awesome movie I had never heard about which made me watch it -yay! Some interesting political discussion I missed- interesting! Or events I never knew about made public - cool, I could attend!
That is what Facebook used to be awesome for. Right now I have more the feeling it is a collective pool of complaints. People complaining publicly about their bad lives, illnesses and worries and how difficult everything is. Is this really the place to spam all others with all details of peoples diarroe, period pains or complains of a far too stressful life which no other person has created but the very one who is complaining. Mmmmmh. It really makes me feel annoyed to read these things.
What actually still keeps me taking part is the actual idea of keeping connected, as everyone's (still) on it. And the other good things, the links!
I was wondering is anyone feeling the same? Do you also feel that browsing through all those wonderful blogs nowadays (today I found this one for example or this swissy one) is much more inspiring?


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