Lovely Easter weekend

This year I really took Easter as a time to relax and enjoy the wickedness of doing (almost) nothing - the next business trips are already waiting ahead: Frankfurt aM and Munich. After that a fun holiday is awaiting us at my home area in Northern Germany, close to the Scandinavian border. We will be spending some nice couple of days "at home" to visit my parents, my grandparents, friends and attend the communion of my cousin in Hamburg.
Therefore a lot of things coming up and to look forward to...

Meanwhile in Holland it has been quiet around these days and the cold weather has made me feel comfortable to stay inside the house. Nevertheless, we have been a little active and went to celebrate the 6th birthday of my niece on Saturday and went to have an Easter dinner at the house of my darling's parents on Easter Sunday.

Strangely enough I almost spend the whole weekend having terrible hiccups. One time I even had to sneeze at the same time when I had to hick. Strange.

The rest of the days I have been snuggling up on the sofa to read Twelfth Night (almost finished, yahoo), Persuasion and a little less demanding stuff, the new Vogue.

This is my Easter weekend in pictures:

Happy Easter: The pink ribbon stayed on for approximately 57 seconds: Enough time to shoot two or three pictures, the the fourth picture was already too late....

I received such lovely cards! And chocolate Lind Easter eggs. And flowers =)

And I am such a shopping victim: This time the Vogue has been presented gift wrapped in a lovely white (I love white) carton box. I could not resist!

The birthday party of my niece - not without Josie: With flying ears on the trampoline...

Happy Easter Everyone!

How was your Easter weekend? Did anyone of you had any exciting plans or went to exciting places?



PS: This lovely rose card was designed and hand made by my dear auntie Anja over at littlehomeforallseasons. Please have a look over there for more inspiration!


  1. Liebe Svenja! Na, das hört sich doch wirklich nice an....und was du für eine nette Karte bekommen hast!!!!? Kenne ich irgendwie! Wie nett, das ihr bald "nach Hause " kommt, dann müssen wir uns mal sehen! Herzlichst Anja

    1. Hallo liebe Anja, ich hätte es mir beinahe gedacht, dass du sie entworfen hast ! Ganz zauberhaft! Und, selbstverständlich werden wir uns sehen, wenn wir "nach Hause" kommen! Liebste Grüße aus Eindhoven,