My new habits

Sometimes I wonder how habits are sneaking into one's, well hmmm, my life. For example I used to be a really bad coffee addict that I seriously could not function properly without a mug or two full of this delicious dark brown stuff in it, with a small kiss of milk. I needed it. I was craving for it when being late for lectures and not having the time to grab one before it was the time. Eventually I sneaked out to come back five minutes later with a hot cup of coffee. I felt so rude towards the lecturer / professor doing his best to keep everything interesting (Lectures with bad lecturers I skipped. To keep up with the material I indulged in self study - at the time I wanted haha. After coffee). But I was an addict.
Lately this habit seems to be cured without much trouble. In fact - without any trouble at all.
And -- surprise, surprise replaced by drinking tea. Masses of it. All kinds. Especially white tea, and the good old English tea is serving me right now.

Another habit seems to be completely broken without thinking about it. I used to eat meat on a regular bases. Not much, not every day. But now I kind of had it with it. Maybe it is going over again, but I completely feel no need nor appetite to eat any kind of meat (did not like many sorts of them anyhow, for example I never ate pork, lamb or goose or duck, and sticked pretty much to chicken and beef.). I wonder if this is strange? I never intended to eat vegetarian, but somehow I just find it much more delicious to combine all other sorts of food with each other. There are even Michelin starred restaurants who offer Vegetarian menus, like this one for example. I could never imagine to eat vegan, like some people do. Incredible. How can some people do not miss cheese? Or eggs? Omg- or chocolate (this habit seems to be the worst one, and I can say with total confidence: it will never stop!!)? They even have also dessert restaurants, among these I found this here - amazing!! which means - I HAVE to go to Florida one time. Soon.
Did anyone had similar experiences with leaving out meat more and more and found out - hey, I kind of eat vegetarian?

Many abstinent regards

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