First impressions: Siddhartha

After I have been looking at it, holding it in my hands and taking a small glance into it I threw all resolutions of finishing my started books first - over board and began reading, no - indulging and - at the same time - admiring Hermann Hesse's Siddhartha. I believe that I have read the first 35 pages (until the awakening, after that I fell asleep) and I am totally fascinated and beyond excitement over that book. 

When I read the teaser I have already assumed that it will be a wonderful book, but it is a real classic page turner! 

Siddhartha is a young wise Brahman on his way to find the true self through enlightenment - A story which (I would say) can not be written without having found one's own self first, what an achievement. It seems the author was already beyond the wisdom of Buddhism to actually be able to write it this way. Amazing.

For those of you in need of a full summery, spark notes has got one here but I decided to not spoil the content on my blog yet for bookish people who still want to read it (including myself :))

As far as I am with my reading I can highly recommend the story of Siddhartha. It is set in ancient India, and of course it touches Buddhism here and there, but it is not a story about any particular religion, but the story of one individual looking for one's self and leaves, and that is the point, any school beyond, even the one of the great Buddha.

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