Right. Well. Back home it is almost weird to think about the turquoise water, the bright blue sky and the shiny colors of the Canary islands. Tenerife is one of the bigger islands of the Canaries and covered with a volcanic surface, which leads to the fact that the land is not very fertile and appearing in all earth colors, but mostly dark. But - the vegetation which has made its way through the lava stones is remarkably beautiful. OK, my western European eye which is used to boring green trees and a couple of flowers which are lovely but mostly found in a flower shop might easily be satisfied, but I seriously got impressed a couple of times by natures pure beauty: 

These violet / purple flowers are cultivated to serve as normal hedges for sight protection.

They are basically everywhere - such as we have a normal hedge to separate ours from the garden of our neighbors - which is mostly just green. In Tenerife those flowers are not only purple but they also have them in a soft rose / slightly orange. Also really beautiful

This red leafed hedge is - unlike the violet kind- not able to grow on grids upwards, but still - its deep red leafs are really fascinating.

Last - but not least - my favorite: The top of floral awesomeness around the Atlantic ocean is this cute, pink flower which I could not let go without getting it in front of my camera.

But that is not all the Canaries have to give: Next to the floral colourspots the ocean also plays of course a major role to let my aesthetic heart beat faster: Glittering in the sun the water has so much power and always draws my attention to it - even (and I am from the North sea side and can know it) if the weather is rather poor. But no way, here it was just utterly fantastic. I just love if it shimmers turquoise with its white tops if it culminates to small waves and met the banks - time after time.
Or this - like I find- almost perfect wave - as I would always try to draw it if I was a child...

I had another nice rendezvous with the ocean when I went on a Catamaran for wale watching. I was so fascinated that I hardly could take my eyes off them! And I was very grateful that they let us watch them for quite some time. We saw one really big wale who dived under the catamaran so that we could watch him very closely (there is a kind of gap between the two "legs" of the Catamaran so that we could see) and some of the dolphins we saw had their babies with them. And they were so cute, they played on the surface of the water, turned around, one time, two times, they could almost not stop, and they always splashed their water with their tail fin - amazing!

And their bodies, so beautiful and glossy, grey and majestic, how they slowly moved in the water, difficult to put the feeling of seeing them into words.... 

This experience definitely made me adore nature even more than I did before.
This one was my holiday schmankerl. Am big fan of Hemingway now. The art how he is playing with language is adorable. His use of describing everything in every detail makes me feel that I was with this old man on his boat on the sea and fighting the elements. Amazing. I am so impressed from his perfection in writing that I was doubting that I would like any other style after reading his. But - fortunately I was mistaken. I started "Nachtzug nach Lissabon" right afterwards and it was not disappointing at all - yet surprisingly addictive! 
I will write a post on Hemingway a little later, as I think it is just too less to only mention him and the book very shortly on a random holiday post! Far too less. 

To sum it up I had a perfect holiday, with perfect weather, perfect reads and perfect waves! 

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