A day out: Scheveningen & the Hague

A few weeks ago my parents came to visit me in my home in Eindhoven, the Netherlands.
Since Eindhoven is not exactly a beautiful place we decided to spend a day out of town and went to The Hague and to Scheveningen close by.

Before we went to Scheveningen, which is just outside Den Haag, we spent a lovely day in the latter.
With wandering through the governmental boroughs (whereas -- actually, the whole city is full of ministries, public authorities, queens and embassies.), having a broodje lunch on the market place and shopping at the Bijenkorf.

And even the sun was still shining..

The good thing about Schevingen is, that it is located at the coast and has a broad, beautiful and sandy beach...

Wanna surf?!
I always thought that is more a topic for South Africa (ok, I watched Endless Summer, was not a very sufficient source of information)or Hawaii, but really, they even surf here at our cold and rough North sea...

And a beach club, called Doen!
A very "gezellig" atmosphere, lounge music, comfy furniture, friendly personal and awesome tasting Chardonnay white wine provide for a perfect afternoon chill out / after work party or even a bigger festivity (when we were at Doen! they also hosted a wedding at a little separate corner of the place..

Entry area

View from the beach...

View from the Chardonnay, emm comfortable sofa...(Josie's ear flies in the wind)

Beach Lounge / bar

Josie watching the waves, which were so big that they had some sort of kite surf world cup hosted at Scheveningen Beach...

Josie watching the waves, which were so big that they had some sort of kite surf world cup hosting at Scheveningen Beach... (This picture is instagrammed)

Even though the sky was rather dark, and there was a fierce wind, the temperatures were ok, around 17 degrees. 
Especially in the beach bar the weather was very tolerable, as it also had something charming to sit in jackets and a glass of wine / cup of coffee / tea / hot chocolate and watch the waves, listen to the wind and see the puppy enjoying the nature...


  1. these photos make me want to jump on a plane now and head to the netherlands! beautiful!