Next read: Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell

The day before yesterday I had s small read into Henry James and into Gone with the Wind and I decided that I am -- right now more curious too get to know Scarlet O'Hara.

I actually planned to read this book in its original language but when I visited my lovely Oma last month I could not resist to borrow her hardcover copy from 1964. 

When I opened it I slightly smelled the smoke of my Opas pipe and it made me feel like when I was a small girl when I slept over at their place. My Oma then read me stories from the books they still had from my mother and her sisters and it felt so safe and sound...

I loved those sleepovers, and I only have lovely memories from these times.

Having only watched the movie no more than one time I was never too much drawn to Margaret Mitchell's best selling book. Thanks to all those wonderful bookish blogs I became more and more curious and when I then saw this baby standing in my Omas bookshelf -- I was immediately committed. Vom Winde verweht, Gone with the wind will therefore be my companion for the next couple of weeks, months maybe and also maybe my gate to American classic literature. (Although I have been reading a few at uni I do not consider myself well acquainted to it). 

When I look at the amount of pages this book has I am almost feeling dizzy. BUT: Sometimes it even feels great to be half way and still have 500 pages left!! So I am positive that this will happen as the first 20 pages are already very promising - even if it is in German. 
Scarlet O'Hara. I am wondering how the main female character is going to develop in the book. Now she is 16, and well aware of her affection on men, and that type of girl more interested in them then in touching any book (me=opposite). Therefore it might be difficult to eventually identify with the heroine, but we will see.

I am also curious to experience the time of the American war. My kind of natural interest lies more in English / Irish history, as well as of course history of continental Europe and not so much (yet) in American history. This will change from now on...

Right. Time to sleep. And to read. It is almost midnight and my book is calling me. 
I am already looking forward to meet Rhett..

Have a lovely & bookish weekend, everyone!

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