Time flies by and the summer remains a fading memory of colourful gardens, iced teas, glooming sunshine, white sandy beaches and warm evenings on the terrace with glasses of wine and watching the stars. Good times. 

When the silky blue skies are no more silky and blue but all grey and -- umm -- just grey and the birds have made their way to head south I am mostly craving for summer already. My mind has perhaps just forgotten how beautiful every season is, and so is autumn. Fallen leaves everywhere (ahhh -- the sound when wandering through them -- mmh), red apples on the trees -- ready for harvest, PUMPKINS (!!), the clothes which a) have been waiting a whole season to be dragged out again or b) are to be bought to fill the closed with the latest fall fashion items. What a joy. I always love to be back in boots and coats after a while without. 
Or hot chocolate. What about hot chocolates? Did we not all miss it a bit? I mean I am a notorious tea drinker and drink this wonderful stuff all year long (my all time fav: fresh mint tea optionally with a bit of honey) but who would seriously abandon a hot chocolate in autumn? Exactly. Now's the time again! Especially after long puppy walks in the woods or over the fields. Oh, and movies. I am not really into watching telly at all, but sometimes I am in for a good movie. And isn't perfect to not waste a sunny evening on the terrace in summer but leaving it to this wonderful season which has just started? Snuggle up on the sofas with a cup of tea or hot chocolate and your favorite movie or book and enjoy laziness for once? Well, I do look forward to those evenings. 

The only thing I find a bit off-putting in autumn is that keeping motivated to work out is (I guess, have not felt it-- yet) slightly more difficult in the darker half of the year. When late sunsets in summer made it easy to go for a run in the forest it now turns dark at around 7 already and we haven't seen anything yet, here. I a few weeks it will be 6 p.m., and then 5 p.m.. Not really encouraging to go out after school or work and have a run.... That is why signing up for some serious sports classes will be mandatory for me. At least. I am already looking for possible gyms to get over the season without losing fitness. What I really love in this time is going to the sauna. Last week I have been to one when it was full moon and it was fantastic to spend the breaks outside, swimming, or just relaxing in front of the open fire and watch the moon.

All in all every season has its charm. Also the month October which is still the transition from summer to autumn as there are loads of sun flowers everywhere and cafes mostly  have their patios outside a little longer to please the guests and enhance summer busyness somehow. By the end of the month we also can look forward to some Halloween parties. Well, I am not exactly the costume-type (which makes me also live very happily WITHOUT any carnival) but I do like the idea of everything being nicely decorated and celebrating the Celtic Samhain.

Happy October, everyone!


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