Very pinteresting Winter Romance

Hi everyone, it is Tuesday again, pinteresting Tuesday!

Today I literally got inspired by Denise' holiday-post over at her lovely blog gratefully inspired to pick up the winter theme into my pinteresting post.

I do not necessarily love winter but there are a few things I really appreciate:

- Winter is the perfect excuse to watch all those lovely holiday movies (love actually & the holiday to name a few)
- the same counts for long afternoons and evenings on a sofa, together with mugs filled with hot stuff, a good book and a candle
- long walks in winter wonderland forests
- buying xmas outfit (I got mine already, it is a black lace dress, and I can't wait to wear it!!)
- writing xmas cards to beloved ones 
- go to Christmas markets and have a gluehwein. Or two. Or three. Or so.

Anyways, winter can be very romantic, i.e. kissing in the snow...

Kissing in the snow - Gossip Girl style

Winter Wonderland Walks
 are clearly on top of my list....

Did you ever try and make hearts in the snow?

... And, last but not least. Christmas shoes.

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