Christmas Gift Guide for men 2012 #3

Hi there, 

So... Holy moly, Christmas is coming closer and closer and with that the deadline to get the ideal gift for your beloved ones.
While we girls usually communicate a lot all the time what we like, dislike, would like to have and, not to forget need, men tend to stay a little more quiet on this subject. 
No problem so far. 
But if Christmas is around the corner and you are not so much in favor of giving him again 

a) his favorite fragrance
b) a new fragrance you smelled on some other guy and absolutely loved it 
c) an audio book of his favorite author (not that bad though, isn't?!)
d) socks (if not you, I am sure his mum / sister / auntie is gonna take care of that. Not that it is an overall bad gift it just lacks a little "something", don't ya think?)

I thought I am going to share my last, a little more gadgety gift ideas:

Most men love to have something to ahem, "play" with on Christmas eve. Guys, I know that you all also appreciate fragrances, and shirts and all what we have given to you. 
When it really catches his full attention there are mostly batteries / power adapters involved... (OK, I am intentionally stereotyping here, so please forgive me)

Gadget Weather station:

Even a little more gadgety with all kind of instruments to install outside...

And: Not to forget:

Touch screen gloves to make sure he keeps warm during the winter.

If he is the runner, 
another idea could be thermo gloves for cold running days.
I know from my own experience that fingertips are very likely to deepfreeze as soon as leaving the house...


It was real fun to collect those small gift ideas which pop up in my mind so now and then and share here on my blog.
Was nothing of your man's taste? Maybe check out Christmas gift guide for men #1 and Christmas gift guide for men #2.

I am certainly not claiming they are all great for every man. I just meant to have a small collection of alternatives..
Hope I could at least give some inspiration.

Have a very merry Christmas,


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  1. The Weather Station gadget is a great idea!