Life. Lately...

...has been a little hectic on this side...And I hardly had time to blog. Even now I am a little bit between things, just coming back from a job interview, writing more applications and get the horse some movement and my puppy Josie some adventures outdoors.

Besides that everything is gearing ready for Christmas and I am behind with my gift shopping and wrapping. At least I was able to catch up on that a little bit today. All my Christmas cards are on its way to all those diverse locations were my friends happen to live and gift ideas are settled.

All the beautiful snow has disappeared again and all what is left is some greyish leftovers on the sides of the road. Even though I was hoping that we are heading towards a very white and bright Christmas I now begin to assume that it will be all wet outside, dipped in some celtic mist, not Christmassy at all. 

But that doesn't matter, does it ? :-) We will make it all bright inside and have a good time - without snow (I am a little pretender, I know. There is nothing like white Christmas)

I am also feeling a bit strange these days. It seems there is a lot coming up -- I almost do not dare to even speak the words but thinking Newtown, thinking China, thinking elementary school. My thoughts are with the victims, the ones who lost beloved ones due to anger, violence and negativity which acted as cowardly as possible in turning towards the most vulnerable of all - our children. 
These days I try to fill my thoughts with light and love and send them out to those who now have to suffer so much.

To be honest, I cannot wait until 2012 is to finish up. I do not believe in the end of the world or anything but I do believe in major changes, which are probably the ones mentioned by ancient groups of people such as the hopi from hawaii or the mayas. It seems that everything heavy, bad or difficult is rising up once more before it can get closed down hopefully soon and guarantee a fresh start. As if people are getting ready for adapting major or smaller changes in their lives, lifestyles or in their thoughts. Towards being more sensitive, for themselves and for what is good for them,such as careers and relationships, diets etc,  more sensitive towards others, and in general towards a healthier life. I have noticed these kind of changes within myself, but also with other people around me. Even though I felt tense at first when I faced a wind of change I am happy now that I embraced it and went with it. I see and saw friends and families struggling with things in their lives, I know it is hard, but I am sure it will all turn to the better if only following their hearts. The heart knows its way to happiness. And I strongly believe that people are here on earth to be happy and live in joy. 

At least that is my feeling of life. Lately.


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