Wild Clouds over Holland

Some time ago I have spend a day in the Dutch city of The Hague and hopped on the tram to get me to the famous Scheveningen just outside the city best known for all its ministries and all other government related institutions.

The Hague // Binnenhof Palace

Scheveningen // Steigenberger Kurhaus

I have just found those photos which have been hidden deep down in my computer originating from an age old phone which died already long time ago.

When I visited the place it was November, therefore summer days were long passed and we were all craving for a bit of sun.

The wind was strong and the clouds 
were going wild in the sky.. 

I loved this. 
Since I grew up so close to the sea and the wind reminded me of home. 

And it was my first small escape from town in a long time.

So in case you feel a little stressed by the big city hassle, 
and could need a little bit of sea breeze, 
this is it.

And how it looked:

Schevening beach Boulevard

Can you smell the salt in air and feel the wind blowing around your nose already?

North Sea // Holland

Anyone ever been to The Hague? 
Or Scheveningen?

Wednesday already -- time to make plans for the weekend ;-)



  1. It was windy when I went to The Hague too! We didn't go to the beach though - too cold! (I was there in February).

    1. Yes, it always seems to be windy there -- when we went last April it was super stormy, perfect for that surf world cup which was taking place that day ;-)

      Did you like the Hague? I loved it.

  2. I'm dying to go but I'll have to wait. I've a friend in Madrid at the minute and I'm heading there over the weekend to visit her! I'm really excited as I've never been before. Have you? Any advice - places to try?

  3. beautiful photography! id love to spend a day here!

  4. The Hague is definitely on my list and this makes me want to go even more!