Top 10 running tips

My apologizes for the radio silence on my blog. Life has been demanding lately and with major changes of the very same ahead I had not much time for blogging. 
Nevertheless, I love being part of the blog world and enjoy active participance as much as I do reading other blogs, new blogs, connecting here and there and let myself be inspired.

The only thing I always do - even if life gets overly busy- is running.
I run to keep in balance. I run to stay in shape. I run to feel good. If I do not run I might turn grumpy, stressed or annoyed with myself, especially the latter. Throughout the years I have learned that I need this physical workout several times a week to keep me going, to feel healthy and contend. Sometimes it is difficult to jump out into the cold and just do it, but mostly after 10 minutes it feels alright.

This year I have even made it to run throughout the dark season, and I have never regretted one workout! Sometimes I get asked what I do to keep up the motivation. I thought I sum up my experience to share it here on my blog:

1.Good shoes. There is nothing more annoying than feeling your feet all the time (hurt, itch, pressure etc). I have the Asics fuji attack. I love it. It is a cross country shoe, and I have to admit I sometimes use it on roads too, which might cause early replacement, but I cannot recommend it enough.
2.Adequate clothes. Or getting distracted by your non-adequate clothes is another motivation killer.(Yes, I already broke up my training because of being cold / too hot / slipping bra etc.) As a rule of thumb I always try to wear clothes which I hardly feel. Also too less clothes can be distracting, like when I forget my gloves I will continuously think about how cold my hands are... 
Music is a famous motivator. I hardly take time to listen to my favorite tunes and the workout time couldn't be more perfect to do exactly this. Alternatively go for some tunes, which sound like they get you started. I love electronic / dance / techno mixes to keep me going and distract me from the thoughts involving 'i cannot do that anymore' or 'I'd rather sit on the sofa now and watch xxx'. Music always does its job well ;-)
Nike+ Activity log
4. Nike+ If you are a freak like me you can get yourself Nike's sensor Nike+ (It looks like this and you can pop it into your shoe and connect it to your iPod) to record all your runs for you! Seeing the actual results can cause (at least it does with me) even more motivation to get out. You can even set goals, such as running 3 times a week over 4 weeks for example. The gadget will record everything, you can look it up online and it will tell you how you go on. I love that.
5.Running partner Another good source of motivation is to get yourself a running pal. Get yourself someone and make commitments. Make dates. Stick to them. It is always much easier to cancel alone than to cancel on someone else. Look, he will be so disappointed ;-) If you happen to have nobody in your circle who is into running, try to convert one, or, alternatively grab your dog, or your neighbours' dog. Most dogs love it, although some need to be specially trained to run with you on a leash. 
6. Water It is very important to stay hydrated, but not filling ones belly completely up so that it hurts. I usually drink one small glass of tab water to keep me going. Last Sunday I forgot doing so and I felt like my throat was sore and I was continuously thinking how bad it went, and how thirsty I was.
7. Variety Running the same trail every week can be quite boring and one day THE motivation killer! Also if you run the same route over and over again, you might feel too pressured to match the same times again, which can be de-motivating. Keep it interesting, run different routes, Nike+ can help here as well to find a route in your town. 
8. Different workout types Doing the same workouts again and again can get quite boring too. That's why I try to vary not only my routes but build in different types of workouts once in a while. Although I really love my relaxed 10K I sometimes do some small interval training, or fast but short runs. Also there are those 'oh-please-not-today' days. Try to squeeze in a small workout. I know it'll hurt, it'll be annoying, but if you plug in your favorite tunes, and run super slow it'll be over in no time!
9. Weather Use all types of weather. I know this sounds odd, but a run in a little bit of gentle rain can be super refreshing and inspiring, or get the minus 4 degrees on your side: Dress warm and enjoy the clear air! If you run through, your immune system will also certainly benefit! But make sure you have a hot shower upon your return!!
10. Treat yourself From time to time a nice treat for one self is justified, I find. Even if it's something very small, like watching a dvd afterwards, or taking a hot bath is wonderful to schedule in. A best treat however is to be pleased with oneself and feeling absolutely fabulous. Promised!
Ha! And that brownie tastes even better after that workout ;-) 

Anyone else also into running?
What are your top tips for motivation?

Would love to hear yours!!!



  1. Your post inspires me to run. Great tips. I have never tried running with a buddy before. Maybe I should give it a try. Yes to music. I have gotten used to barefoot running with Vibram Five Fingers. They look funny but been addicted to it since.

  2. I enjoy running, even though I haven't been to the park in a week. I used to make the bad mistake of running on the concrete part of the part (because the pathways had trees over them, lol) and from that I got a knee injury thanks to the constant pounding on the pavement. I had to go into physio and substitute running with swimming. Now my knee is better and I run on the grass ;) I run in the Adidas Supernovas, which I have had for over a year and are getting muddy. I really want the neon colored Nike sneakers once the weather get warmer and the park is not muddy ;)

    Enjoy your runs !


  3. Hello! I recently just started a youtube Korean food channel, EasyKoreanFood, where you can learn how to make fast and easy Korean food! It would mean the world to me if you took the time to check it out because I'm just starting out! Thanks!

    1. I am afraid I am the anti-cook. I am sorry!
      But thanks for stopping by my place! All the best!

  4. Hey Du!
    Danke für deine lieben Kommentare immer, du weißt gar nicht, wie viel mir die bedeuten!
    Ich liebe es, wenn ich Mitkämpfer fürs Laufen finde!
    Im Moment bin ich sehr unmotiviert, weil es so kalt und windig ist, und gehe dann lieber nur 30 Minuten aufs Laufband, und DAS widerum mache ich irgendwie falsch - ich bekomme furchtbare Gelenkschmerzen davon. Brrr. Hoffentlich wird es bald wärmer!
    Viele liebe Grüße!

  5. I sadly never run, every year i say that i'm going to start and then i just get too lazy! I should though, your post is really motivating and i know that it's so great for one's health!

  6. I hate running. I would rather do almost any form of exercise than that. lol.
    Sometimes, when I have to go in to work earlier, I see people out running at 6:30 in the morning! I would sooo rather be in bed!

    1. Ha ha! I also used to hate it. I also couldn't go out for a run at 6:30 in the winter.. I am generally mostly an 'evening-performer' if there is such thing. It takes some time to get past the 'running is cruel' stage, and after that it actually even is fun.


  7. I'm no a runner at all! Like at all. But i'm always so impressed with people who are :)

  8. Als großer Lauf-Fan kann ich dir in allen Punkten zustimmen. Das sind schöne nützliche Tipps für alle, die sich für das Laufen interessieren.
    Ich selbst habe von Nike+ ein App auf meinem IPhone. Ich kann nicht mehr ohne laufen. Das motiviert gleich noch mehr.;)

    LG Cla

    1. JAAA, allerdings!! Ich kann mir das Laufen ohne den Sensor gar nicht mehr vorstellen, ich liebe es, danach alles schwarz auf weiss zu sehen ;-) (Ich bin da ein kleiner Kontrollfreak)

  9. This is just what I needed. I find it so hard to enjoy running but the more I do it the more I... dare I say it? Enjoy it. Your tips do help, especially to know I'm not alone in feeling like I have to find some motivators to keep doing it! x

  10. Danke für die vielen lieben Kommentare!! :)
    Und danke für die tollen Tipps, ich versuche auch laufen zu gehen, leider klappt das nicht so oft...

  11. Bin auch sehr für regelmäßige Bewegung und außerordentlich stolz, dass ich mit meinem Mann täglich round about 1 Stunde sehr stramm spazieren gehe. Bin überzeugt, dass es mir deswegen so gut geht :) Wäre wunderbar, wenn Deine sehr guten Tipps den ein oder anderen dazu motiviert, regelmäßig laufen zu gehen ...

    Viele liebe Grüße von Rena

    P.S. Dein Blog gefällt, bin Dein neuester Follower!