The end of the world as we know it

This month has not been going quite as planned, that is why I am going to wrap it up now and pretend, it is going to get better, only better now.
I mean how is it possible that nothing particularly bad happens throughout the year, and then, at once, everything is coming together, pushing you to emotional borders, reducing optimism to  reach zero and basically turning everything upside down, really.

However, since every single moment is in fact the end of the world as we know it, it also opens up a whole lot of new opportunities. It is like reading a not so nice book. I can continue reading and continue to dislike it. And I can decide to be happy now, grab a book I like and enjoy. 

Isn't it?

Opportunities.. They define which direction our life is taking, which turns we make, which shortcuts,extra ways, do we cross the obstacle, or do we back down and choose a different direction. Or is it that obstacles are taken, put aside and moved on? Is there some sort of pre-defined way for us? Or is everything up to free will? Is there anything - something - everything already pre-planned and set for us behind the scenes? If this is so, what are the actual parameters? Does learning play a major role? Mere experiences? Are these to be evaluated? 
What is right and what is wrong? Is there any right or wrong at all? Who decides what is right or wrong? Can someone else know that for us? Can we only know it ourselves?

Anyhow, we own a free will. Opportunities arise. Come. Go. New ones appear, better ones, some which might be unattractive.
I might be aware that there is some sort of rough plan worked out for us with major goals, milestones maybe which define when, where and with whom we live, work, play or fight. 

Because in the end we will all be lying there looking back to the path of our lives and there won't be more time to take those opportunities. And all we can do is looking back and think of those opportunities we took. Even if we failed, we can always say, we tried. And if we succeeded, we can re-live those memories, re-capture those emotions, retrain the joy we experienced, and be happy.

What brings me to the fact that life should be about happiness. Always. Not stress. Albeit, some stress is positive stress, and maybe even a little needed to keep up motivation. 
What I mean is real stress. Work related stress, emotional stress, social stress, whatever, it does not do good to our bodies. This is what I just read in one of my newsletters:

People are currently exposed to many changes and instabilities and often their bodies are in stress modus. If we are stressed we act in the so called sympaticus-mode which is actively holding up stress and tension. During this time many of the vital body functions are slowed down, because other functions need to be in alert. Regeneration of cells is not working, as well as healing (I am sure you know those people who seem to carry a simple cold for ages, don't you?), also the stomach and the intestines have reduces functionality, heart is beating at a higher rate.
These are natural reactions of the body so that situations of tension can be accomplished. However, nature also assumed that there was enough time for relaxation and regeneration, so that the parasympaticus can be activated, cells can regenerate, the brain can process all impressions, vital functions take up their normal rate and everything in the body is regulated to a normal level.
And this is exactly the problem of our time; our time to relax is short, or simply does not exist, and if we happen to have time of, we might not be able to actually achieve relaxation since our worries and thoughts keep us busy. A superficial sort of relaxation does not regulate the body, we feel good about it, but the parasympaticus has not been activated and regeneration and regulation of body functions do not happen.
If both - sympaticus and parasympaticus are activated and in balance (see, stress and tension is not only bad, otherwise I assume lethargy would call) true harmony can be reached.

Ok, that was my newsletter - short version. 
Plausible, I find. What do you think?

Will work now on realistic plans to ensure that my parasympaticus gets some exercise as well, once my move is accomplished, me settled in at work and all the mourning has gone. 

Focus should be on play, fun, and joy. Not only stress. Otherwise I won't have anything nice to look back to once I am old.

I think I will be even more of a yes-woman, trying out new things more often, which will create even more opportunities and once more change the world as we know it..

Right. I have written you half a book now.  
I am due a picture loaded randoms post, I know. It will come soon, I promise. 



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