It begins to look a lot like Christmas

It begins to look a lot like Christmas. Already. It really does. Shopping malls are full of lights, people are running into them like crazy, and my flat is decorated Christmassy. 

Well, it is the end of November. And I am looking forward to the holidays.
The holidays are happy days, full of family, laughters, joy, and surprises and I would always want to spend them together with my family, unless I will have my own little family one day, so God will.
Christmas time is a time of get togethers, reviews, assertiveness and of course, last but not least a lot of S T R E S S. I mean it is the end of the year, projects need to be finished ,things have to be taken care of and lastly, Christmas is not only a jolly thing by itself, it needs to be prepared. Presents need to be be thought of, bought and wrapped, cards need to be written (lots of them), trips home to be planned and somehow it always seems time's too short to fully enjoy the hole thing as we were when we were little.

This is why this year I decided to decorate early, indulge in Christmassy music (Doris Day, Michael Buble, Elvis, etc, my favourites.) and try and bake bisquits by myself (yep, turned into a real housewife, ha ha).

Today I even scouted some Christmas gifts I might give to my beloved ones. I did not buy anything though ( too long queues, or no cashier -- I decided to delay that until next time), but ha! I came home with gift-wrapping paper. At least. Feel very early bird.

However, Christmas presents need to be taken care of early. I tend to be the one having everything sorted ages before Christmas (in my mind, you know) but not having taking the actual time to go and do it and end up the day before, annoyed as hell, and chasing what I had in mind. 
Brilliant. It mostly ended successful, but never without swearing to myself that I will do it differently the coming year.
Well. Voila. Here we go. 
I do my very best. 

But will end up hitting city centres just before Christmas again, I am sure. 
This time hopefully only for mulled wine and hanging out (very relaxed of course) - and very relaxing response to the question of all questions this time " yeah, I got it all ready by beginning of December, you know." 
Lets hope.

I have got ideas, plenty of them. 
Might do another gift guide this year, if I have the time (been a bad blogger this passed year, I know). 

However, I do have a lot of things in mind, especially for the Misters in your life, thinking fashion, thinking gadgets, thinking luxury living.  

Are you into Christmas already?


Svenja X

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  1. I missed this post... Josie is so cute in her santa hat!