New in Town (Vol. 2)

Hello there, 

I am finding myself on the last day of my small holiday which I have used to catch in some sleep, cure my chest cold and most of all decorate my new home.

You might already know that recently I relocated from one small German town to another small German town and days where spend at the local IKEA store and other home decorating stores, among them DIY stores, which I now tend to hate avoid. I am sure the staff find themselves very helpful in pointing the direction of the tool / whatever thing I needed was approximately located, but me being a complete disaster in home improvement and such, would just wander around, disoriented and helpless.

OK, lets be honest, the staff probably is helpful enough to most people going there (men), but cannot see if a clou-less soul (me) really needs more help than pointing a direction of something. If they would just know that they might be able to sell me anything - even things I don't really need, they might act differently.

Anyhow, do you want a sneak peak into my new home?
I have instagrammed a few shots for you to take a look, here it comes:

Dining area: 
White chairs and table
and fresh flowers. The scent is wonderful.

A must: My book shelf.

Klimt: The kiss

Grey curtains to keep a somewhat clean line but highlighting a bit among the white furniture and walls

Chandelier with grey candles

White IKEA Ektorp Sofa (I love it and would defo re-buy it anytime) with grey-ish cushions.

And now only missing (next to the significant other, of course):

Josie. Cutest dog ever.
The good news is, she will be here next week!


And now, it is weekend (hooray) and the weather is dodgy, which means I have a perfect excuse to stay at home and get lost in Austen.

Have a lovely weekend!!


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