Sunday ramblings

Sunday is the day everyone needs to get out and about, doing this unit of movement which has been postponed all the rest of the week due to other, mostly work related engagements. 

If not out and running or cycling than at least going out to get together with friends, family to have a chat, be social, be seen, or just to have a change of scene for a moment.

Today I also went out to have a cup of coffee in town and to try out my brand-new super old bicycle 
(Dutch: fiets, a word which I really love). 

I went to one of the local Starbucks' and had one of those famous Salted caramel moccas as a special Sunday treat.

Look, this is my new fiets, do you like it? It was about 50 quid and it drives perfectly. I pimped it with some flower slingers and my super handy pink bags and voila - probably not the most chic bike in the world, but maybe one of the cutest:

However, Sundays are to relax and think about the past days and of the days ahead. For me that will be a bit of excitement: First of all I'll be traveling to Bavaria to hold a speech at my former uni, second, my family will be here to have a look in which little town I have ended up this time. All good, mum, it is nice here! They will be bringing me my little fur baby Josie - I cannot wait until I stroke her and spoil her rotten. I will probably for sure have dog hair all over the place, but hey, that is what one gets with a dog.

Last weekend my oldest friend Hanna joined me in my newly-moved-mess to build up furniture, clean everything and have the flat ready to be lived in have lots of wine. Moving-in and cleaning activities suddenly turned out to be a 
real Cillit bang house party.
 We ended up like in good ol'times giggling about old memories and adventures in the kitchen, listening to girly music and finally, and utter spontaneously deciding to hit the clubs.
It probably looked like this when getting ready (just that this was not my place and in the beginning of the year)

And all girly and slightly tipsy 

However, we had the best night out in ages and spent it first at a cool place to have some wines and coffees and after that at a jazz place called Pantone and danced the whole night away - until our feet hurt like hell and fell in our beds just when the new day dawned.

Being here for a bit more than a week I can finally say I arrived. 

My place is almost finished and I feel

at home.


The only thing which is missing is the kitchen.
Weak point.

I have been living on cup-a-soup, bread and salads this week, but tomorrow is 

the day.

I have hired a handy hero.

Can't wait.

Until I can make some nice things for myself and my guests.

Uhh, and I am already looking forward to Christmas!!
Not long to go-ho.

Until watching certain movies is more then appropriate, eating biscuits is appropriate but very dangerous and listening to Christmas music makes the atmosphere even brighter.
(I had Elvis' silent night on the other day. Coincidentally, of course.Splendid.)

What have you been up to on this November weekend?!



  1. Everything seems to be going so well. I love the ride!

  2. I like that you're feeling the Christmas spirit already. I'm listening to Christmas songs at work. It makes me look forward to the upcoming Christmas break.

  3. How cute is this bike!! I love the flowers you added. ;)
    xo Andrea
    Wonderful and Marvelous