Imaginative thinking and the absence of thought

Hobbies are quite important for everyone. They serve individuals to deepen and intensify their knowledge and skills in a certain field and to distract from complexity of everydays life for a while each day, or for the time slot choosen. Hobbies also contribute to someone's well-being and the healthyness of the psyche.

I like to paint for example. Painting is a creative action with a physical result in the end of the activity. It requires deep concentration, but can be done with light classical music. Further there is not much more needed than an idea of what to paint (often pops up during the working day, especially, when of course painting is not possible as one has to work) or under the shower for example. Otherwise paintings can be copied from the great masters of our time or past eras or other pictures or photos can be copied. And materials are needed, for example acryllic paint pastels or oil colours. Playing some classical music could apparently also enhance productivity.

Enabling to make the painting through escaping the busy world:The artist is diving into a world which is reduced of its (natural) complexity.One's world and its complexity can be summarized by all elements keeping the mind busy and filling the vehicle of thought with the actual though-content. Especially the interactional elements with other people are cut out which makes it far more easier to focus on the painting. The demand to pay attention to other people's sending and receiving messages is not present for a moment - it is like the silence after one switches off radio and TV or switching on and plugging in the iPod in a packed train or airplane.Back to the action of painting. Entering the small world , quiet world with or without classical music, enables the artist to focus to this activity, which is not only applying th paint to the linon, but also choosing and mixing the adequate colours. This may result in a beautyful picture. Something which has been hand made by the artist. Viewing a result of one's work always gives a nice feeling of " having produced something".

Action of Imagination / Developing of a vision:One more component is involved which make hobbies a positive support for a healthy psyche: Imaginative thinking and the absence of thoughts.While creating a painting the mind is very busy in imaganing a vision of the end-result. This involves the planning of symetry, colorurs, the location of single elements on the painting and the mood which is to be transported through it (Yellow is not always yellow.). Red is a very shiny colour. It can make viewers and the artist aggressive or active, it is also commonly understood as the colour of love so there are different components which are to be orchestrated. The mind is occupied with these activities.

Therapy effect:To be able to be the directeur of such an orchestra, other thoughts, especially negative thoughs such as anger, worries, or fears - are disabled by the time of painting and put into some distance. That leads to the ability to view at those more neutrally afterwards and therefore it eventually also leads to ideas in how to approach those and potentially solve them.

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