happy blue bird

Dear Reader,

you may have come across the name of this blog and wonder why I named it happybluebird ? It is actually a quite simple story. Blue is for me a very inspiring colour. It is the colour of the ocean, the colour of the sky - which is so wide that it leaves enough space for a free spirit and new ideas. In the field of colour psychology blue is condidered as the colour of calming, relaxing and optimal to release stress and find inner peace (more information you can find here). Furthermore, birds are a symbol of freedom, as they can always fly wherever they want to go, they have an overview of the world from above and see everything in a context. I am also always seeing birds as rather happy animals - always fluiting, always busy with those big dark eyes and sparkling curiosity in their face. I also have to admit that I had difficulties with saying goodbye to the icon-birds of our old family webblog due to re-editing. Those cute happy blue birds talking secretly to each other I somehow needed to keep (uh - problem of let-things-go again) and when googling for the picture I also came across of so many pictures of beautyful blue birds in all varieties and supposedly from all continents, that I was even more convinced that happybluebird is the right name for my webblog.

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