Christmas Gift Guide for men 2012 # 2

Hi to everyone and especially those still seeking for the right gift for your Mister. It has not all been easy but I have had some more ideas which I thought to share with you here on my little blog.

My first idea is to give a nice ink pen.
Isn't it lovely to receive some handwritten (love) letter one day? Or to go together to sign the first contract for a new home or even when getting married? 

I find it such a nice thing for him to have that I could not hide away from sharing this idea with you.

Mont Blanc possibly is the Champions league of ink pens, but they might also be the most beautiful ones:

What do you think?

Another idea I find quite cool and might be looking nice next to one of above's babies is a traditional agenda. 
If your man is not quite the reading, or literature -affine kind of guy for whom the agenda in my first post on gifts for men I might have another 
option: A more classic agenda, such as the good old filofax might be just the right thing to give for Christmas.

Yes, I know they have got everything in their smart phones you might think -- but from my own experience that is not necessarily true -- as there are many occasions which are private and are not immediately synchronized with the smart phone diary. 

Furthermore it is also holding some space for credit cards, pen or other small items which are essential for being out and about.

I personally really love the brown one:

It is not only handy, but also super chic and classy and very much gentleman-like.

Here is another one:

Another classic might be -- tadaaa: A book.
Ha. What book you might think now. That is the trick now: Always something men (at least in my life) tend to like biographies. I do not know why, but it might be that there is some more logic involved than something which is "only" fiction. It can be everything: Biographies about politicians, sports persons, artists, musicians -- just according to your man's taste. 

A biography about former German chancellor Helmut Schmidt, by Giovanni di Lorenzo, who I find an adorable writer.

Aleady a year old but maybe also a suggestion for those interested who is (was) behind the huge empire of Apple, also interesting for people who are or aspiring entrepreneurs...

Johnny Depp. Actor. Beyond interesting person. 

This is just a small selection of people famous enough to find a book about. My dad has just been pleased with a copy of Keith Richards' biography. 
I am sure there are a lot of interesting characters who your man can either relate to in a way, is just curious about or adores his accomplishments.


Many might say that buying Christmas gifts for beloved ones is a little boring and lacks true dedication.
Well, even though I would perhaps not walk away from bought gifts entirely, I absolutely love to receive self made / handmade gifts myself.

Here are some suggestions to be creative and make him happy without crowded high street shops and annoyed shop assistants.

- if you are handy enough to knit, make him self knitted country socks. They are not only warm but also really stylish. You can wrap it with a nice ribbon. Ready. Don't worry. He will appreciate them -- maybe not immediately (I know that men almost ALWAYS have warm feet) but certainly on your nice and romantic Christmas walk in the snowy woods. 
Also, I am super sure he will appreciate your work more than you think.

- work with photographs. I know that it is perhaps not the most original idea, but since we have kind of an overflow of pictures (we all know that, I just say smart phone, instagram etc)but we really & truly lack to have a physical paper photo in hand to place on a desk in the office as a framed picture or as photo calendar/book or traditionally hang on a wall. To fresh this idea up you can maybe combine the photo idea with some handwritten letter, poem or just a few nice words. We girls (and boys) of course love our material world, but something which directly goes to the heart at Christmas might be nice as well...

- You do not need to be a professional artist to accomplish a painting and make someone else happy with it. It might sounds odd, but as soon as you pick up a paintbrush and let your fantasy and imagination do the rest you will be an artist! And it will always look beautiful Remember, art is what is declared as art! 
So why not getting some canvas and acryl colors together, think of your favorite colors and.just.start.
Let your mind nor your thoughts criticize you in what you are doing. It will be perfect!
If you think that you need inspiration you can browse the internet for inspiration. Landscapes are always a good one. 
Or take a photo of a landscape of your holiday destination together and put it down on canvas. Think you cannot do precise work? Don't worry, it'll be abstract art than :) 
Name it properly and you are done!
Have confidence!

PS:It is also quite calming work and most probably you will be likely to do another one after you finish :)

What do you think?
And what do you have for your mister?


PS: Stay tuned -- there is a #3 coming up soon :-) It will include something a little bit more gadgety again...


  1. thank you so much for your comment!
    i like your blog!:))

  2. Jan has asked for a book with maps of the ancient world. He's into that kind of thing.

    I've nominated you for an award on my blog:

    1. Oh, that is also nice -- everything involving history! Hope you were successful in finding the right book already! *Fingers crossed*.

      Wow, thank you!
      I have never done nor was I nominated for such a thing... But I gladly will have a look :)

  3. I got my husband a certificate to a golf ball of the month club. He said it was the only gift he would actually use this year!

    1. Oh, that is nice, too.
      If men would always mention and express what they want and don't want :)