Post-Christmas Slump

Leaving things behind is mostly not easy. Same is happening with Christmas. Pre-Christmas time is basically a time of decorating everything, baking (OK-not me.), preparing, getting a lovely  tree, looking forward to THE day - which is about good food, good wine, beloved people around, magic and all the time there is something which really really needs to be done before it.
If it is finally there it is also over far and much too soon, as presents are unwrapped in a few seconds – a present Is not just a present, it involves much more: time and thought -the time it needed to be though about and for whom -found-decided on- bought-carried home- decided on wrapping paper and wrapped are nothing anymore and only exists in the givers' back of the head. Also all the food which has been prepared and made ready – only 1 or 2 hours and only rests of meat and vegetables are drying away on the table, a huge amount of dirty dishes reminding one that it is over and peoples bellies so full from the food that no one is willing to think about all effort of preparation and planning anymore. Also the absence of a to-do-before-Christmas list is leaving some odd feeling behind. When rushing into town, getting things done one did not really had time to really spend time on worrying over anything which is also leaving the individual with a healthier state of mind. The absence of (real) worries means presence of good and positive thought, which again contributes to a better wellbeing and state or level of happiness.
And if this is suddenly all over the post Christmas slump is taking place. Things are not looking as magical as they used to, everyone is sick and tired of eating cinnamon-spiced Christmas cookies, nuts and chocolate or at least the realization of a feeling which is occurring even without standing on a scale. And if I look at our naked tree now-it was so lovely with all colorfully wrapped presents arranged under it. Also if I looked at all my beloved reindeer items I have spread all over the place I really feel melancholic. I will have to put and lock them away soon for almost one year until I can see them again. And this fantastic xmas album of Michael Bublé . have a look here SPLENDID! I miss it already.
Letting go is not always / mostly not easy. It involves letting go of a comfortable feeling of familiarity. And it reveals the immanent uncertainty which is re-appearing in its place – just stronger than before as the New Year is waiting ahead. So: What comes next?
Whatever it might be, we will be able to be open and adapt to new things.
Happy New Year!

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