Happy New Year's Resolution

New years resolutions. Do they actually help ? Does someone still remember new years resolutions after the third week of January, when Christmas and the tonnes of food, which frequently lead to at least one new NYR are forgotten, the blastering headache after the party on New Years eve cured (another one - drink less!!) and stress at work has taken up again (and yet - another one). At last, do people actually still remember NYR a good time after this old year / new year change is over and the everyday life has picked up again with everyone ? To be honest I do not think so. Well- apart from those NYR-nerds who are in March still sweating on the treadmill pretending to stick to NYR. In fact they are most probably just heading towards the new force: Get bikini -shape in order...
I personally believe new resolutions can be made at anytime ... everything else is rarely more than procrastination...

Happy New Year !

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