The pursuit of happiness

A large income is the major source of happiness. Many people would immediatly hold against it saying that it is not money which makes us happy, and that the source of happiness is - of course - more to find in friendships, relationships, own state of mind etc. But what if monetary wealth actually might be THE source of happyness? Could it not be that a human being is (only?) able to express himself to the fullest by having enough monetary means available to do everything he likes, experience everything he wants or needs to experience in order to be happy or surround himself by things he feels good or comfortable with?
The reason why I am thinking about this is because I was exactly doing it. I caught myself figuring out and making a list of items I further need for example to decorate the house (to feel even more at homish), or for the office (to be able to work more efficiently), which clothes I still need in my closet (to be prepared for the occasion of a walk in the snow or a chic reception, or to just have the 32th pair of pumps) or how I can reach to get more fit and lose some weight (in order to feel more comfortable with myself). In the end I realized it is all - not one- but all about money. Sad. Was my first thought. But I am not satisfied with an answer that quickley. I started googleing and found some rather interisting aspects:
Janes Austen already said in her novel Mansfield Park that "A large income is the best recipe for happiness I ever heard of". Jane Austen lived some 200 years ago, but it sounds already good that I do not have to find myself alone having selfish money-thoughts (OK, besides all greedy or money minded persons of course who have no sense for being social).
Also I found a rather interesting paper about "The science of getting rich", which you can find here, if you like.
OK, I have to acknowledge that this is something from a hundred years ago. Also pretty out of date it seems.
But there are other people who picked up the same string of thought with their books which became famous around the world I found out: They wrote a book called "the Secret". They claim that "Everything is possible. Nothing is impossible". Should that also involve monetary aspects of life?

I am wondering now - am I now trapped in a New Age-way of thinking or should I actually allow myself to strive to get rich in order to be able to be in a pursuit of happiness?

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