Someone needs a name...

Life could not be more exciting than it is right now. It is utterly busy at work, plenty of projects, and tomorrow it is my darling's birthday. For that I am overly busy preparing the house for all guests tomorrow: Garlands have to be hanged - to follow the Dutch tradition, tarts to be ordered at the bakery, gifts wrapped, and and and.... And on Sunday I will have my lovely friend coming over from London! I have not seen Michaela in ages, I believed last I saw her was in 2009 when I went to London but did not make it to there again (such a gorgeous place btw). I am so much looking forward to see her! To have long coffees, long walks, drinks, and talks, as we sure have to catch up a lot.

As this is not quite enough yet, we welcome a new "family member" in our home. A small puppy, which we got yesterday evening. It was so cute, so fluffy and so soft, and we could
not resist: She had to come with us and move in as our new flatmate. It is a rather small dog, a mixture of Maltesian dog and Vlinderhondje (I believe the original name of the race is Papillion). Without a name. Yet. As it came so sudden, out of the blue. Therefore I now have to quickly find a cute name for our new cute friend. I was thinking of something French maybe, or just very simple Rosie or Maggie. I will make my decision by tonight, to no longer having to call her hondje (=doggy). I am already looking forward to take long walks in the nature with her, as well as to go running. For now she is incredibly small, maybe 30 cm, and cannot walk that much. But as active as she seems it will change really soon.
Mmmmh, and instead of taking care of the place to be subject, it is now really about the place to pee.
As I still have a long way to go with decorating the house and everything, interrupted by a do you maybe need to pee? break every half an hour I think I should continue now. Have a very nice weekend everyone!


  1. Liebe Svenja! Maria-Laureen steht gerade hinter mir und ist vollkommen entzückt von eurem neuen Mitbewohner/Mitbewohnerin natürlich! Wie heißt sie denn nun???? Also Maggie würde ich süß finden...aber du wirst schon den richtigen Namen gefunden haben!!!! Liebe Grüße an deinen Süßen und alles Gute zum Geburtstag! Have a nice party!!!! Und viiiiiiel Spaß mit deiner Freundin! Ein super WE mit viel Sonnenschein wünschen euch dreien(!) Maria-Laureen und ich !

  2. Sie ist aber auch wirklich zauberhaft! Josefine heisst sie, also Josie! Ich hoffe, ihr hattet auch ein wunderbares Wochenende, unseres war sehr schön, aber auch ziemlich busy..

    Lieben Gruss,

    die Svenja