Work-life balance

I don't know about you but at times I find it hard to keep my work life balance. 
Ironically I need to work hard for my life balance, ha ha.

I often find myself working til late and realize, oops it is too late to go out for a run, or to call that friend or to cook proper dinner. 
I have to remind myself that in the end it is always better to keep my priorities, even if it means to return to the office or work from home after some other activity in between. 
Do you have that too? That you completely forget about taking breaks?
I believe it is all about setting priorities. Lately I got myself into a certain rhythm of doing both: Putting everything into the job AND still realize me-time activities. How do I do that?

Physical activity.
Look for some activity you truly enjoy doing!
When I run I can relax myself, lose tension and get to think about things. I sometimes even listen to my favorite music.

What about mind spa?
I know, activity is always good, it is great to work out the body and get physically exhausted. But how about the mind? Ha! Important too, if you ask me. I am one of those over and over thinkers, having difficulties with that blank mind thing. But it is worth aiming for, really! But it requires training. It won't work with one meditation or yoga session. Take time off to work off your mind. Try yoga. Try mindfulness. Try whatever could work for you, but do something for your mind too.

Be childish. Play! Swing! Laugh!'Nuff said.

Be yourself.
Just be you. That is by far enough. You are as good as you are! Everything else will drain your energy and exhaust you and keep you from being well balanced. 

Keep order!
Oh yeah, I know, that might suck for many people, but in my opinion it is super important. Even though I sometimes leave my clothes in the bathroom sometimes after a long working day, or postpone doing the dishes or anything I mostly keep my flat clean and orderly. It helps me keeping a clear mind if that makes any sense at all. 

Be social!
Virtual social networks play a major role in our lives these days. It is great to keep in touch with your buddies all across the globe, but it won't make up for real friends. It is complementary but not supplementary. In the long run. Friendships and spending time with people who are near and dear to one's heart will create a feeling of giving and receiving which is quite vitalizing. I also find that spending time especially with children and animals is sort of charging, if you know what I mean?!

Study hard, pardy hard! :-) Go out and dance, meet new people - they are only waiting to meet new people too, jump into your fancy dress, high heels and get out! It'll be fun!

Eat well!
Eating well is challenging for most people since time is short in lunch breaks, and even shorter when coming home in the evening after work, when one is close to starvation. It is not only weight problems which seem immanent, it is also unhealthy nutrition in general which limits our performance. Therefore it is always worth to have a closer look to what we are having on our plates. I try to avoid any kinds of carbs in the evening, and stick to yoghurt with fruit in the morning and having a proper meal for lunch. And I have started abstinence of all things sweet again. I also keep clear of all kinds of soda. 

Spend time outdoors!
For me nature is a big thing. I love everything outdoor. (OK, apart from snakes, brrr)I would love to go hiking, camping, everything nature, please!I also love watching birds and other animals and I can totally forget time around me. And.. oh.. a walk in the summer? In the forest? In the summer? Mhhh! Complete recharge!

Be creative!
Talking about mind spa, a good way to free my mind is painting. It completely relaxes me, but challenges the creative part of the brain. What am I going to paint, how does this color matches with that one, will that lighting effect be in the way I want it? And after all it will provide something self made. To "make" something mostly generates some contend feeling. Whether it is making music, cook, taking photos or write. But be creative! 

Set and keep priorities!
Even if it means to return to the office later sometimes, or even doing some work from home, it is important to stick to your plans of seeing that friend or going for that run. It will most definitely pay off! You know this feeling after the run? Yeah, exactly! It is bombastic! 

And finally: Allow yourself some time off. Time which has not been pre-planned. Time to use for yourself. To do whatever you fancy that very moment. Where you can spontaneously call a friend or do some shopping, or just read, sleep, listen to your favorite album, watch your most favorite dvd for the 100th time, re-arrange you flat, whatever. It will be the cherry on the cake to have a balanced life! 

What do you do for keeping your work life in balance with your me-time?
Is there anything I should be doing in order to be more balanced?


  1. It's definitely something challenging for everyone - particularly finding how much of each we really need to feel well! Lots of great points!

  2. Great post, Svenja. I'm always amazed by those who have a good work life balance. Making the effort to do so is already a good accomplishment.

  3. m encanta la foto del caballo..que texto tan precioso!

    nuevo post te esperamos,muhos besos guapisima!

  4. This is absolutely a big challenge for me. Especially now. Love this post!!

  5. Svenja! I'm back in the blogosphere. I was reading about your long working hours and actually feeling quite jealous! I'm done with uni and I can't get a job just yet because I have a few fun plans before I graduate in a month's time. But not having a job is killing me. The days go by quick - I'm busy sorting stuff and getting some things organised - but I just really really want the buzz, being busy, having the "stress" (which doesn't really stress me). I think I just need the fast-pacedness and the feeling of being useful. It's mad, no? When we work really hard all we want is a holiday but not I want the total oposite... oh well! x

  6. What a great post!! I've such a hard time keeping my work and private life balanced. If it wasn't for my horse, I'd probably be stuck at work until it gets dark outside. ;)
    xo Andrea
    Wonderful and Marvelous