Eat well, travel often

While I mostly fail to realize the latter, I would say I am performing ok regarding the first. I would consider myself as foodie and can easily indulge in tasty deliciousness. 
Or a glass of wine.
Or three.

Anyhow, I did some mini travels, which I might be summing up later.
First, here's the long due post on one of my favorite places to eat out on a budget in Bielefeld.


The other day, when I was strolling through the city I discovered a restaurant just off the pedestrian which caught my interest.

My stomach was rambling since I slept in til late, had a small yoghurt for breakfast, skipped lunch and headed towards the shopping area.

I usually really look at my menu at home, and only do home made cooking without processed food, made of fresh fruit and vegetable from the market. While still keeping an eye on my health when eating out, I sometimes mostly end up having at least one component of my dish which might be a bit of a calorie bomb.
It must feel a bit special when eating out, right?

The place was called WOBU.


Wok & Burgers.
Sure thing.

You think plain fast food, fatty stuff with just lots of soy sauce and mayonnaise?
Ha. Not here.
OK, of course they do soy sauce and mayonnaise too, but they do look at your health and - bonus - look at having their stuff gluten free, no artificial ingredients. They get a fresh delivery of fresh produce EVERY SINGLE DAY!

They serve a range of classic burgers, diverse Asian dishes, such as green curry, thai curry, Indonsian Noodles, and a range of fresh salads and soups. They even do ayurvedic soups for example. 

Oh, and it is all well below 10 Euros. Including dip or side dish.

Here's how it looks:

And here's how my burger looked like:

And the fries in close up:

They are well prepared for those who like it hot:


cool Champagne coolers.

minimalistic, yet stylish interior design. 
A bit different from that usual buddha - water tank- and other kitchy asian stuff you'd  expect when entering a wok place.

The seating arrangements are quite similar from the concept of Vapiano.

They serve you delicious tea

you'd probably never tasted before:

Just t

Close up

Outside sitting area

If you fancy something quick but delicious, yet a little naughty then I can recommend this place.

Oh, and try the frozen yoghurt.
They do frozen yoghurt with delicious toppings, such as pure raspberry sauce.
No added sugars. Just blended berries.

I would not be surprised if they would go franchise any time soon.

Anyhow, if you should happen to be around Bielefeld go, check them out.

Here's their website.

So good, so delicious food and oh so lovely and friendly staff.

Please do let me know if you went.

Happy weekend!


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