The Sound of Silence

As much as I like to muse about music and fashion, being active in different kinds of sports or going out, meeting friends, experience things I like to retreat, and become quiet. And listen.

Silence is beautiful. Silence is a way to rejuvenate. To listen to ones own heart, body and mind and to get back into natural balance. 
Tonight I have been walking away from noise and distraction and tried and retreated. 

To find my very own equilibrium I realized I need a bit from everything: activity, challenge, play and silence, taking care, being taken care of.

This time it was the need for silence which made me retreating from work, internet, smart phone. I have found a way to let thoughts pass on, listen to my heart beat which is the most natural rhythm and was in awe of it. I listened to my breath and went on a small mindfulness meditation. Felt the place I sat, the place my feet touched the ground. Thoughts passed by but had no reason to stay, I withdrew focus and let go. And enjoyed the sound of silence. 

How about you? Does anyone else go on retreats from time to time? How do you do that? Do you find it difficult? Important? Why? And do you find it rejuvenating? Enriching? 


  1. I definitely give myself big beaks from my phone and every day i go to Yoga where it's just me and my mat. I think silence is important - it's so important to get to know who you are.

  2. Silence is absolutely beautiful - except for when you feel very sad and lonely. Then I need a full schedule and company and non-silence until I beg for a calm hour in silence ... which can, sometimes, take a few weeks. Silence can be aweful if there's no other choice.

    Thanks for your lovely comments, I appreciate them so, so much.
    Lots of love


    1. Hi Maria, thank you so much for passing by!! and you are right, silence indeed can be awful, but if that is so, I believe, at least in my case - that this is something to be taken care of and worked on.


  3. Love this post!! Seriously almost cried just from the picture. But then you add the words ... silence is so beautiful and so needed. Thank you for reminding me of this. :)

  4. This is an excellent habit, to disconnect and find inner stillness in silence. Craving for a bit of silence myself this coming weekend. Have a lovely one.