How men could learn from Mr Darcy

Enjoying a free evening I have been with the Bennets and Darcys again and come to think about the whole men and women thing again. What it is what we like in men and how dating most of the time starts and affects us - with a lot of pride, false apprehensions and thus, confusing ways of communication, like Jane Austen tells us since the early 19th century.

Mr Darcy - this more than 200 year old guy is probably one of the most prominent men in history, without even having blood running through his veins and a proper heart beat. It was Miss Austen who created this prototype of a perfect man, fiancée and husband which should last over centuries. What is it we associate with Mr Darcy and the love story between him and Miss Bennet? What makes us wanting for a similar story?
Is it the misapprehension between them which makes it a bad and difficult start? Is it the stoney road of their relationship which leads us to have hope in ours and believing in the one we have in mind? Their romantic happy ending? Probably all. 
Besides their love story and happy ending of their relationship it is more we see in the story than just their getting to know each other, and finding each other, eventually.
I believe it is his qualities, his depicted character, what makes us melt each time.
Is it in his manners, his manliness, his eloquence ? Or is it his openness which makes us wanting the same with the one we have chosen?

Every time I dive into the story - whether it is the book or the movie, I always catch myself thinking about how perfect he is and that my own love story should take a positive turn like theirs. 
In his popularity I seriously wonder why not more men are learning, copying, adapting and live - not fake - these small  things, make it a way of life and enjoy the Darcy effect?

In fact, we ladies do not need that much. Really. Just a little bit of everything Darcy: A bit of good manners, some accomplishments, eloquence, telling about how they feel and being charming and committed. And Pemberly. 
Ok, joking.

Seriously, I'd swear that the Darcy effect works and proves to be true, and we shall have more happy couples soon!
What do you think about the Darcy effect? Do you appreciate men with rather traditional values? 

Right. Enough of it. 

If love life would just be that easy we'd all be there.

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