Sky and Sand

Happy Monday everyone!
I have been away for the weekend and spend it basically on the beach. The weather has been fabulous, everyone was feeling summerish (Better so, since I only brought my bikinis, and some small summer dresses.) and Denmark gave us a warm welcome on its coasts.
We headed off to Rømø, which is just North of Sylt. It tooks us approx. 1 hour and 15 mins and Europe's largest beach was awaiting us. The water was refreshing, but not cold at all, and yahoo, completely without jellyfish (slightly unnecessary water creatures if you ask me.)

Svenja feeling pretty lucky.

Josie feeling pretty good, too.

Since I spend a lot of time frying in the sun, nothing else to do than reading magazines and listening to the sound of the waves (mmmh -- can you hear it? No? Try this. Great, huh?!) I made plans for 
a) running a half marathon this year. 
b) going on a real holiday soon. Here, here or here.
c) get back to my classics club reading list.

Oh, look at this.
Did you switch on the Ocean sounds yet?
Do it.

Josie looking for something to eat.



The rest of the time I played with Josie, played in the waves and made shell hearts in the sand. I mean, one has to do something serious, sometimes. Seriously.

Furthermore I enjoyed some tons of watermelon and strawberries and tried  to not think about my mums really naughty cold chocolate cake. Think chocolate. Think ice cold. Think crunchy. OK, I stop now. 
Full stop.

OK, you won - here's the recipe.

This morning I headed back to B-town, still enjoying the aftermath of a blissful weekend at home.

Where did you spend the weekend?

(On fruit and yoghurt again.)


  1. Hallo Süße! Ich habe schon gehört, wie toll es war! Wir waren im Urlaub auch einen Tag da! Das Wasser war super nur leider war es seeeeeehr windig! Gestern waren wir in Weidefeld. Am Sonntag in Pottloch und Samstag in Schönhagen!!!! So soll Sommer sein, oder? Eine schöne Woche für dich und arbeite nicht zuviel!! Liebe Grüße Anja

    1. YAY!! Endless summer!!!

      Vielleicht sehen wir uns das nächste mal mal wieder wenn ich im Norden bin ? Liebste Grüße

  2. Lucky you! The sun is shining bright in England (except for today of course) but I'm sat indoors sorting out rather exciting (secret) stuff! Can't wait for the weekend for a little escape x

  3. Denmark looks like a lovely summer destination. Same here, can't wait for this coming weekend to catch up on some rest and relaxation.