incredibly clean and extremely tired

This day has been a very successful one, so far. Well, not in a very intellectual way... I had the time to reflect over Spinoza or Plato while cleaning the balcony and painting the guest room, but I did not. I was rather thinking, how can I get over with it as soon as possible to dive into some reading or head out into the incredibly awesome weather ("Awesome" is of course very relative here: The Fins are probably sweating,Brazilians need perhaps need gloves, but over here 15 degrees and blue sky are already considered awesome)!

Spring is calling, weeks are busy, so I have to use the weekend to get everything which is old, not nice or not my taste anymore OUT and everything else CLEAN. Once started it is rather difficult to stop (not that it did not cross my mind as there are too many tempting things to do on a free day) as unfinished cleaning leaves me uneasy every time I keep sight of that particular corner, closet, whatever. So I got over it (have seriously awesome housewife qualities hahaha), and cleaned the first balcony so that the laundry can flatter in the wind (I love that). Second I have been painting the working room, which has been used for ages by my darling to "play" with his electronics. Soldering has left its traces and the white walls were not entirely white everywhere anymore. That is why I went for pink and made it a guest room. Maybe a bit too pink...

In the end, I had to skip our movie plans for tonight, but managed to even go out for a run. So instead of extremely loud and incredibly close (or was it other way around?) the house is now incredibly clean, the guest room amazingly pink and I feel extremely tired, but very happy. And am already looking forward to the next weekend!


  1. Hi Svenja! You made me smile :D I also have to paint many rooms in my home but I cant't find the strength!

  2. Dear Lallabel,

    Hope you will find some motivation soon, to get your painting done -- It is such a delight (if it is finished though) and brings a nice new-start feeling :) Which colors are you into this year?


  3. Hallo liebe Svenja,
    Ist das Dein neues Gästezimmer? Wie wundervoll.
    Alles Liebe.

  4. Hallo meine liebe Mama,
    ich wuenschte, es waere so.. :) Aber es sieht trotzdem schön aus.
    Deine Svenja

  5. Nice blog, Svenja! Glad that I found it :-) Happy shopping. Cheers, Kathrin

    1. HI Kathrin, gleich geht es los in die Stadt - ein Traum bei diesem Wetter ! I love your blog too, just could not find the place where to become a member ...?! Maybe I just overlooked it..