Getting acquainted with a new technical device is always taking me some time. It has already been that I had a digital camera, which I never used - until I had a mobile phone with a build-in camera- That was handy, because I found out that it was absolutely fabulous to have the gadget always around me and therefore the opportunity to capture the most awkward moments. This of course reminded me on my digital camera which had now a layer of dust on it. To be convinced that a digital camera makes a) better pictures and b) looks by far more professional I carried the thing to a birthday. As I never had it with me, of course I did not take one pic and there it was again - forgotten. This time in my pink handbag which I carried to the birthday.
Since I have been surprised with an iPad which my darling gave to me, I have changed my mind a little bit and turned almost into a gadget-nerd. First thing in the morning-news and email-check. Before going to bed: Email check and news check. Really nice this thing. Can take it everywhere -so handy and also it surprisingly never chrashes or takes way too long to start up. So I can say I really fell in love with this thing. (Never thought that I -who had her first computer at the age of 20 and did not care would have a tablet!!!)
Since I got to know the technical sphere a bit better I learned to appreaciate those devices and especially the ones from Apple. I always wondered, why the people who walked along the university campus with a MacBook already also were mostly completely equipped with iPod, Pad, Phone and i-Idunnowhat I thought by myself, they must have an iLife.
But finding myself suddenly surrounded by all those well shaped, well designed, working and handy products I must admit that they are highly addictive and - as soon as there is a new device to be bought - it needs to be the iVersion. Or none.
Now, as the iLeader passed away I wonder if he eventually has left an iHeritage? What will be next?

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