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Technology is moving forward into the last corner of our lifes. When we we had the first remote controls for our television sets in the 80ies it was already a hurray. Switching channels without leaving the comfy sofa-fantastic. Being able to record a movie. Wow! That we are now able to control our entire home via the internet from our sofas is the reality of tomorrow. Or even later today?
Being involved with the home automation business opens up a new world for me. And if there are always early adopters, I am most definitely a late one. But after becoming friends with tablets and apps I am amazed what opportunities are opening up. Home automation means that you are able to control all or at least a few electronic devices in your house or appartement via a remote control, or even more advanced - online via your iPad or smartphone. Also there are even applications available where you can watch your energy usage, use a switch on the interface of the mobile device which ebnables you to disconnect the coffee machine from power supply while you are on your way or change the intensity of the light.
Mobile phones are really the gadget where everything is in one spot. Videoconferencing, calculating, emailing, searching for information, recording or listening to music. I am just waiting for the development of one particular tool. The beaming tool. Which takes me to my desired destination. That would be fantastic as I could frequently see my friends in other countries, and be back for dinner for example. It would be time-saving, inexpensive and not harming the environment. Could that please be the next iHit?

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