Midnight in Paris

Yesterday I have watched one of the nicest movies ever: Midnight in Paris. A Woody Allen movie. It was a perfect composition of roles, actors, characters, music, camera shots and storyline. Very recommendable! It was a romantic movie, but not too romantic, it was an odd story and a stunning story, it was journey to Paris and a journey into the 1920'ies, it was American and French, it was realistic and it was fantasy.

Midnight in Paris starring a lot of well known actors from the U.S. such as Drew Barrymore, Owen Wilson and Rachel McAdams. As this was not enough, Vanessa Paradies and Carla Bruni also had some petit roles in the movie. Usually a movie with so many stars turns out to be disappointing (at least to me) as it seems a poor story needs to get pimped with a lot of high acting potential and / or good names (OK, love actually does not count!!!). Here it was simply a pleasure to see how well everything was arranged, different characters chosen, and how the city itself has been put in scene (sure, the Parisians would say that this or that was missing, or this or that was romanticed too much maybe) but for me not having visited the place, it was perfect. It makes me feel to have been with the team shooting in Paris. This could have been caused by the atmospheric music together with scenes in the rain (rain always makes it appear kind of real) or the technique they used while shooting: What we see mostly in movies nowadays is a max of special effects combined with scene changes along with music changes. Woody Allen here arranged a very smooth camera angle, keeping scenes quite long in the lense, so long as if you were really passing by and look at something.
This keeping out some time in a place with the same setting also gives a very calm feeling. A feeling of pureness. This also has been underlined by not involving too many characters, and keeping everthing simple.
The story itself was brilliantly told: Maybe the most beautieful break up of a couple ever. Some romance in between and some time travelling element woven into it linked with Salvadore Dali and his clocks.. This time (there have been other movies / books with time travelling events) they just left out any try to explain it further. The main character suddenly found himself in the 20ies and met all his idols of the arts: Hemingway, Dali, Pablo Picasso. Everyone would know expect to doubt what happened, but no- it did noot take place. He accepted it straight away and enjoyed it.
So all in all a perfect arrangement of superb costumes, characters, story and music to make it a wonderful movie night.
The trailor you can find here. Enjoy!

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