Random thoughts

Random thoughts are crossing my mind all the time if I am not focussing on something very particular. And even if I am thinking or am busy with something particular those random thoughts are still present in some kind of background in my mind or second layer (hello brain specialists, please correct me please, for now, I don't know better) and they come to the surface in the moment I stop being busy with something particular, or even if I just have a small break of thinking. Those random thoughts are sometimes just annoying (as I take a break, because I need it and not because I would like to get spammed with a lot of useful and unuseful information.) and sometimes it is also kind of entertaining to watch (wrong wording here,,, but listen, read, feel maybe also do not fit much better, so I'll stick to watch) topics and themes passing by forming themselves into a string of a senseless chain of real world and fantasy information.

Topics of random thoughts can reach from typical girly stuff like "I still need to polish my nails, when will I have the time to do so" or "need new shoes" (ok, I give in - girls ALWAYS need new shoes and NEVER have enough shoes) until more serious issues about sharing the ressources of the world (yesterday in the shop I considered buying a can of sweetcorn and thought about genetic engineerd corn, I did not buy the sweetcorn, but when I wanted to pay I saw another person buying it and I thought that we should use the GE corn only for the causes of food supply in countries where it is needed.) or rather stupid things as why are people accelerating their speed in their cars so much if they see that the next traffic lights are red and they need to stop anyhow or origins of words just as jew and jewel or if Dutch and Deutsch originially referred to the same language...

Today the dominating " random thought string" was all about Venice and Italy. Venice because I am going there tomorrow. I have never really been in Italy (only for skiing once but that does not count). So what happens now is that all kind of broken Italian sentences are flashing up in my mind all the time and I have to be careful with not writing "grazie mile" in a business email or thinking about tiramisu all the time....

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