Something about Darcy...

When re-reading Pride & Prejudice I again felt stunned by the character of Mr Darcy. His way of doing things, and reacting on things, his way of expressing himself are somewhat special and - how shall I describe it- even more than agreeable and adorable (by the way, the guy is almost 200 years old). Jane Austens novel has turned into a classic and the script has been used to several TV and movie adaptions. The 1995 BBC mini series is perhaps the best known and most successful one and made the character of Marc Darcy world famous. This time he was embodied by Colin Firth, who later also "served" as Darcy in the adaption of Helen Fieldings Bridget Jones' Diary (1996) which has been based on Austens work and transformed into turn of the century time. OK, here the village gossiping was not only exchanged by the local (single) girls, but with metropolitan gays and mothers who are next to trying to match make their daughters also cheating on their husbands. All in all a by the way worth-watching episode of a modern Miss Bennet and a modern Darcy, which supports even more the myth of the role of the latter - for past times, now and ever as the Mr Right, the one, the perfect man. I wonder if there might be something about Darcy, maybe a Darcy - Effect? Which are the qualities we all want our man to have?

First of all there is something about Darcy which makes him appear out of reach, polite but not exactly friendly or warm, spreading confidence, but in fact he can be turned into a caring person who is later on admitting his pure feelings towards her with all his affection.
Next, Darcy is also a little bit, but not too much heroish. He is reacting well - far beyond our imagination, without showing off, shouting out loud or expecting rewards for it (Elizabeth's sister runs off and gets lost, big problem for the Bennet family, but utterly elegant solved by Darcy. Of course). We love heroes - don't we? But we also do not want a superman, who is walking around with his cape all the time.
And. Of course. We want to know what we are up to, don't we? I mean this "will he like me?" Or " will he not" thing is maybe nice for some time - but at a certain moment, we also want to know it. And what is more beautiful than receiving an honest commitment? How much less stress are we having then? I do not want to know how many minutes, seconds, hours or even days I have been stressing out myself on those stupid questions, and I bet, that I am not the only one.

In vain have I struggled. It will not do. My feelings will not be repressed. You must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love you.
Mr Darcy
When I read this I always find once more that sincerity is a well-deserved characteristic of the Darcy-Effect. Is it not?
Also it should be mentioned that we, women would like to be considered as equal. That means that a decent conversation should be possible and not be reduced on today's dinner or the weather. Darcy just delivers the utmost perfect example for that.
And last, and now I have to come back on the indeed quite fairy taley element in this, Marc Darcy also is a man not only of taste, decency and manners, but also of fortune. Which of course is not decisive for us to base a decision upon (man might be think it is like that, but mostly they are mistaken.) but if there is an estate like Pemberly, we would certainly not deny to move in with our Mr Darcy to live happily ever after.

I am sure there must be something about Darcy and believe in the Darcy effect. Maybe with some more Darcy's in the world- equipped with the capability to produce and send handwritten (love)letters, some sincerity (and ok, maybe it also needs some courage then -- hey, but that could count for the hero-category ;-) ), decency and manners, we could bring back a little bit of real romanticism into our lives and make it a bit more beautiful....

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