Writing the future

Sometimes I wonder if it should be possible to plan my future as I would wish it to be. A little bit like the building castles in the sky thing. Does the actual planning, and imagining of future events influence the actual future? I have been thinking about it and I am not sure if and how it works. I sometimes have the feeling that even if I think about things I do not want to happen, happen (regards from Murphy.), and if there is a lot of fear or worry involved, that it is even more likely to happen. The same should apply with the positive side of things: Making a visual board also enhances the possibility of things to happen. So what about the whole " life is a coincidence" thing? Do you believe in coincidence or in pre-determination or in creation? I am not so sure in what I should believe (not that I have to believe in anything, I just like to bounce thoughts around in my head and establish an opinion), or if I should maybe believe in all three of them a little bit? Difficult one. I tend to believe that I actually CAN right my future (because that would be cool).
At this moment I cannot get two things out of my head, and that is first: My very own library (mmmh, I think you know that already). And second, that one day I own my very own cute little book store.
Ok, the first one is very selfish and serves almost only myself. But the second one has a little bit a deeper meaning: Bookstores seem to become a rarity in cities. And if there is one, they are integrated (and therefore degraded in my opinion) into stationary shops or supermarkets. What a pity. I remember visiting Ireland many years ago and I was swept away by the amount of cute little book stores everywhere. I remember holding all those wonderful books in my hand (eventually I acquired my first copy of "Emma" in the shop close to TCD), which have been shelved with such an effort, and so much love for the books. I always felt some sort of spell coming over me when entering one of those tiny shops, rather dark, full of books, and dark brown shelves. How wonderful. I want one too. (Hey, I am just dreaming, or in other words, writing my future...) One where people pop by for a cup of tea, a chat and browsing and showing happiness when finding a long wanted edition or copy.

I really like my iPad. And I like to read the newspaper and other articles on it. But in fact there is nothing but a "real" book. I want to take notes, I want to mark, I want to feel the (old) paper, experience the smell of old books, and for that those kindle readers or iPads are just not made. In Eindhoven, where I live are almost no book stores. One which is really new with a coffee shop inside is rather nice, and another one is in the middle of the busy centre. Is that enough to serve us book nerds? Mmmmh I don't think so. Maybe one day I will be a book shop owner (what would be a nice name for it? Suggestions welcome) and let all my shares in other companies earn the real money ;-). I could make an equal sign between job and passion--how cool is that??, and hahah would live happily ever after.. Not that I do not like my current job, I do, I love it, but there always must be a plan to " what's next?" right...


  1. Liebe Svenja! Hey was für eine Überraschung!!! Netter Blog!!! Da muß ich ja zwangsläufig mein Englisch aufpolieren!!!! Muß ich sowieso, bin immer mit Maria-Laureen am über und lernen!!!! Ich werde dich gleich mal verlinken, dann verpasse ich nichts bei dir! Hab es schön und viiiielen Dank für deine mail! love Anja

  2. Jucheee, mein erster Comment .. ;-) Danke Dir! Mmmmh, ich hatte schon überlegt, vielleicht auch noch einen auf Deutsch zu machen,,,, aber das werde ich mal, wenn etwas mehr Zeit ist! Liebste Grüße an Euch alle, Deine Svenja