Pink shoes and Popcorn

Life has been pretty hectic lately, coordination of a lot of projects, business travel to Venice, working till late and on top of that all the obligations of a normal life. Grocery shopping, cleaning, doing the dishes, the laundry, and keeping contact with friends and family.

This weekend is also going to be a busy, but a nice busy one. We always start our weekend with buying fresh fruit, fish and vegetables on our local market. It is really nice to dive into this melting pot of cultures meeting there. Asian, Arabian, African, South American, European, and Locals. It is so nice to observe that - how different we all might be - all meet on that small spot in town, to actually all buy the same products, mix it with different spices and turn it into a dish which could be typical for one's region. Splendid! Also all the different colors of the vegetables and fruit. Wow. Makes me wanna buy it all - immediately. Even though the market mostly is overly busy (I usually tend to avoid overly busy places) I always enjoy our Saturday - tradition. Many Locals here eat raw herring. I will skip this one. The idea of eating a raw wobbly fish in the morning makes me shake of disgust. I will take an apple instead. Pink Lady's are my favorites at the moment.

In the evening we are invited for a birthday party. I am looking forward to it as I have not been out much lately. Annnd I will be able to wear my new Porselli pink ballerina shoes which I could not resist buying when I was in Italy. Yahooo.

Sundays are movie Sundays. My darling and I usually go to the movies on Sundays. As it is not so super busy as Saturdays or Fridays, and for the fact that it is a charming end of weekend tradition. The "looking forward to the weekend" thing is not applicable anymore. The opportunities to sleep long should have been used, and the freedom to make plans is rather limited by the end of a Sunday. Rather, preparations for Monday are to be done and yet, the week ahead is so close that it is almost impossible to not pre-plan it. And that is why we invented our Movie Sunday. The Movie turns the focus back to what it is: A free evening made special with a little bit of Popcorn and a hopefully interesting movie. This is the choice for this week I guess it is going to be " Extremely loud and incredibly close". A story about a nine-year-old in NY who lost his father at 9/11 but found a mysterious key ... First, because it has a cool title, second, because I was holding this book in my hands at our bookstore (the one with the cafe inside) and were unsure whether to buy it. Again, the cool title attracted me (Btw I bought "Persuasion" by Jane Austen instead, as I have always wanted to have an own copy and read it again.). And third because the summery of the book was about one sentence and so tempting that it was only my ratio which told me, one book is enough, put it back!

Happy weekend everyone!


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